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Assetto Corsa (Console) |OT| Kunos tries to console us.

my last post went up right before the shit storm so hopefully this will help get it kickstarted again. Still hoping to get a few answers.


-Are some of the races in the career basically impossible due to the car they give you? Im on the BMW E30 race in Novice Series 2 and this car is just too slow. Im running pretty clean laps, I dont have traction control on, and I can start nipping at the heels of 3rd but 1st place is literally 10 seconds faster each lap....and this is on Easy. Im still getting used to the controls but I dont see how I could possibly pick up 10 seconds in this car. The other cars are much faster vehicles, M coupes and E32 M3's.

-This might not be an issue with the game but Im getting a fair amount of popping in my surround sound speakers when the cars are at idle. Anybody else experience this?

-Anybody have any recommended settings for DS4 controls? Out of the box they are actually pretty decent but the slightest twitch at high speeds is a race ender on any of the faster cars.

1) Yes, some are very difficult (possibly impossible) to win.

2) Not experiaced any sound issues myself.

3) the last settings I posted in this thread was as follows, although I am not 100% sure it's still what I am using........

Speed sensitivity: 25
Steering speed: 11
Steering deadzone: 12
Steering filter: 38
Steering gamma: 180
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