Asura's Wrath |OT|

Since when is shitting up threads allowed? Serious question, because near every thread gets bombarded by "first post" dumb shit, people who KNOW they aren't interested, 3rd rate jokes, etc. I thought it was bannable, but it constantly goes unchecked, and its clear people need to be filed in line since they won't take care of the forum themselves.

The thread has already been defecated on and destroyed without even leaving the first page, so I can ask this. Is it bannable?
See the Dragon Age 2 OT


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Can't wait for this one anyone know if there's a difference in ps3 or xbox version?
You press Right Trigger on the 360 version. R1 on the PS3 version.

You press A on the 360 version. You press X on the PS3 version.


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Getting some complaints, so I'll say this once:

Please keep the discussion on-topic in this thread. If you're not playing the game/planning to play it/have no interest in it... you probably shouldn't be here.

Hope redbox gets this.
I don't know if Redbox gets different games in different regions (I'm on the east coast), but I checked the Coming Soon section and it makes no mention of getting this (nor Syndicate, or any other new games) this week.

Fortunately, it does say they are getting Street Fighter X Tekken on March 6, which I wanted to play but not buy.


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Probably going to wait for this one to hit $40 before I bite. Gotta save them pennies for Under Defeat HD this week, though I do really want Asura's Wrath.

And frankly, I'm glad it's not trying to be yet another DMC clone. It's something really pretty different from anything else out there.
Got a review copy here, gonna crack it open tonight. Really not sure what to expect - looking forward to the zaniness, not looking forward to the supposed lack of actual playing.


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Played the demo twice and it was stupid fun. Can't help but grin at some of the crazy shit this game has.

With that said, it definitely is a bit of an interactive movie. I like it, but I'll be waiting for a price drop.
If people expect God Hand 2/ God of War strikes Asia, it's 101% their fault.
Serious question: how many people would actually know that when they buy it in a retail store? I mean, I have no idea what the process of buying is in terms of information acquisition versus buying, but I always figured a lot of people still buy 'the old fashioned way', which "oh, this looks nice" in a store. I guess these days a lot more goes through friends on facebook, but still, those friends might also not give any information on it.

I really wonder how many people buy blind and find out that something is either totally their thing or not for them. I think the percentage is probably still quite big.

And to be honest: before the demo, I had assumed that it was 'free' gameplay, not QTE anime. I would have bought it blind if there hadn't been a demo.
(assuming I had money for it though :( )
Honestly wanted to try to make the subtitle something referencing how the people who don't like the game and want people to know they don't like it are the only ones with more rage than Asura. :p

Shameful how this thread went to shit so fast.
Capcom did the work for ya on the box

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I'll be playing this game on Friday (and Saturday if I don't finish it on Friday). The perfect game to launch my video game club event of 'WTF Japan.' Here's hoping it attracts a crowd of people like my Deadly Premonition play-through.
At first I was expecting a GoW clone, but after the demo I think the game looks a lot more interesting. Like an interactive anime. I've decided to get it on release, it just looks like a lot of (shallow) fun. Probably not worth full price, but a fantastic rental. Still I'm gonna take the gamble.
Planning on renting this from Gamefly, once I'm done with Space Marine. I find myself unwilling to replay a game even with replayability, so I can't lay down that much money on it.

I am, however, hoping to have an awesome (if brief) blast. I'm a big fan of over-the-top fighting.
because all consumers spend their time frequenting videogame message boards and obscure gaming websites?
Nowadays it's so incredibly easy to find about a zillion previews/reviews/youtube walkthoughs of any game with the most minimal effort.

There's also a demo, so if the game is not what you expected you really only have yourself to blame. Caveat Emptor.
Probably won't play this, might view it on Youtube or wait until it is cheap. I had interest when it was first announced, but it dwindled once the demo hit. The cutscenes were too frequent and long to hold my interest in the gameplay.
HAHAHAHA they are calling QTEs, "synchronic impact rankings"

Surely there is a secret achievements for the boobies in the hotspring
CC2 insists that the button-prompts in Asura's Wrath's many cut-scenes aren't QTEs - rather that they're PDEs, or player driven events. "We don't like to call them QTEs, because regular QTEs in other games, what they'll do is if you fail they'll make you re-do it," says Matsuyama. "I think that's the main factor in why people don't like it - to do the same scene over and over again is tedious.

"In Asura, it's not about whether you're successful or whether you fail. It's all about synchronising - you move the sticks apart and he spreads his arms out, you press down and he stomps his foot. You're mimicking his movements and synchronizing with him. It's more of a different take on QTEs, and we don't like to call it that, so instead of a quick time event we prefer to call it a player driven event."

That entire preivew is really good and it gives you a good idea of why they wanted to make a game that's so heavily inspired by anime and manga

CyberConnect 2's central office is equal parts library and games development studio. Before you can get to the 140-strong workforce in the developer's Fukuoka base - supplemented by a further 70 staff working out of Tokyo - there's a lobby that houses over 3,000 DVDs and Blu-rays, the walls lined with a comprehensive collection of sci-fi and anime. Downstairs there are shelves upon shelves thick with manga, the stark strip-lighting and functional furniture giving the large open-plan meeting area the feel of a school reading room that's stacked with forbidden fruit.
"It's a general rule in our studio that all staff members should know all of the anime and manga that are on the shelves," CC2's president Hiroshi Matsuyama tells us with a smile, before his face hardens a little; "If they don't, and if they're not reading something or watching something, I get mad."
"If you want to play a God of War type of game, play God of War, and if you want to play a Bayonetta type of game, play Bayonetta. I want people to play it and not have all these preconceptions. I want them to start from zero, from square one, and to take it for what it is and understand that it's a completely different experience focused on the story." Hiroshi Matsuyama.

This should be added to the OT
This looks like a very interesting experience. I will wait for a price drop, though, just because I have other titles to play in the meanwhile. I'd like to experience this in a Dear Esther sort of way, though. Looks great. :)


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I definitely wanna pick this up when it's $20. I want to support CC2, but just don't have the heart to pick it up at $60.

Those picking it up now, please post copious impressions! I'm looking forward to hearing how the game turns out.