Atelier Series, ANY Direction At All?

Jan 20, 2005
So, I heard there's an Atelier collection coming out for Switch, and having little history with the series, I tried getting into it.

I've played Iris 2, which I LOVED, and many years ago I tried Marie and Elie, but without enough Japanese knowledge I didn't get anywhere at all. Now my Japanese is much better and I decided to give them another try and get into them, but there's like NO direction at all. It's like "you're an idiot, you run an alchemy shop now. Bye" (actual summary of Marie's intro.) I get I'm supposed to take jobs and make stuff for them, but...

I don't know where to get everything
I can barely kill any monster, I know I can hire people but even that's a crap shoot
Am I just supposed to GUESS what's in these alchemy books I can buy?
Some of the job items aren't even IN any of the books (which I know after save scumming.)

Did the series ever evolve past this? I feel like I need a pHD in this game's world and items just to do ANYTHING and it's really just bad.
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Mar 18, 2018
This was my experience with the PS3 games. I like to think that these are game interaction systems breadboard. Tinker until you win or get bored. If you like to tinker these games may be for you.