Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes

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Jul 20, 2009
Russians, Scandinavians Top ‘Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes’

Relax, all you data-hungry world travelers. At last there’s a guide to the countries with the biggest breasts.

German newspaper Bild has published a World Map of Breasts, a color-coded plan showing how women around the world stack up in terms of cup size.

It turns out that Russia and the Scandinavian countries are the top-heavy winners, with a “greater than D cup” average size – hence Bild’s title for its article, “Russian Women Have the Tightest Baskets.”

Time for a trip to Russia I guess...
Dec 25, 2008
It might just mean that there are a bunch of overweight Russian women /funspoiler :p
From the article:
And the results might seem a bit counterintuitive. Breast tissue is composed largely of body fat, so it may be tempting to chalk up larger breast size to a country’s higher rate of obesity. But that comparison doesn’t quite match. In the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s 2009 rankings of the world’s most obese countries, the U.S., Mexico and New Zealand rated highest. But Russia, which ranked lower than the OECD average, came in first. Go figure.
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