Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes

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D is not that huge, actually. There seems to be this misconception that they are gigantic, when that's just not the case.
The cup size is also relative to the rib cage size, so a thin person's D cup will be smaller thn a large person's D cup.
Russians, Scandinavians Top ‘Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes’

Relax, all you data-hungry world travelers. At last there’s a guide to the countries with the biggest breasts.

German newspaper Bild has published a World Map of Breasts, a color-coded plan showing how women around the world stack up in terms of cup size.

It turns out that Russia and the Scandinavian countries are the top-heavy winners, with a “greater than D cup” average size – hence Bild’s title for its article, “Russian Women Have the Tightest Baskets.”

Time for a trip to Russia I guess...
Can anyone see a correlation in this map?
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