Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes

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i wish more of these goddesses (goddess being defined as relatively thin with large natural tits) would do hardcore. at least hannah hilton gave in and did some scenes before she left
Sigh. Absolutely. Btw this thread is really and truly making me sad that humanity has not created a holodeck.
I call bullshit on this one. As a Swede, there is no way Swedish women average larger than D. Probably larger on average than most of the world, but not D+.
D is not that huge, actually. There seems to be this misconception that they are gigantic, when that's just not the case.
This. Also i've seen women with decent sized breasts that were certainly not obese/and definitely weren't implants, so I doubt in obesity would be directly related to the size in US. Honestly i've seen some pretty overweight women that have small breasts despite being obese.


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while all the suckers head to russia, i'll make my way to france. live peacefully and in bliss...

french girls>everyone else
Is both hip and breast size a sign of fertility? Or we just drool at big boobies because of instinct?

Also, big breasts (on clothing) look pretty good when exposed at sunlight. A beauty that shades so well. :D
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