Atlus shutting down its forums


Gather round, dear friends. We have some sad news for you – we’ve decided to close down our forums for the foreseeable future. In two weeks, we’re going to basically wipe all the content, so if you have any threads you want to save or screen cap for posterity, now is the time to do it.

Why are we going all Blockbuster Video on the forums? Two main reasons, really. First: we have awesome fans, and the overwhelming majority of them spend more time on Facebook and Twitter. In this business, it’s adapt or die, so we’re refocusing our efforts on social media. But in the great expanse of the world wide internets, you’ll find plenty of exceptional ATLUS fans – the ones who keep our game Wiki pages alive, create walkthroughs on GameFAQs, cosplay, create fan art or fan fiction, etc. So even if you actively avoid having a social media presence, we’re sure you’ll find some other great ATLUS fan community to be a part of.

Second: we have a lot of games coming out in the coming months/years, and we just don’t have the time to police the forums they way we did in the past. It’s become a barren echo chamber over the past couple of months, with no practical solution in sight (other than the Ol’ Yeller method, that is).

So there you have it. We’re pulling the plug, because its time has come. The last day the forum will be active is Friday, Nov. 22. You can still find us though. We’re alive and well on Facebook, Twitter, and our ATLUS Faithful email newsletter!

Happy Trails,

John Hardin
ATLUS Forum Euthenics Manager
Lock if old.

Reading into this or just take it at face value.
I wonder if Atlus USA (Irvine, California) is merging with Sega of America (San Francisco, California), and Sega wants to unify everything under one place!

Or the much more likely scenario that they just think forums are outdated and want to cut costs wherever possible.
It makes sense to not have a isolated forum for an entertainment company. If all the discussion about your games takes place via social networking it's pretty likely that anyone who follows your social media accounts will take notice of said conversations and generate an interest the said games.

Forums also cost money to run and are not particularly beneficial for a company that produces primarily single player games either.


Tomodachi wa Mahou
Gather round, dear friends. We have some sad news for you – we’ve decided to close down

is what they will post in 6 months after Sega has killed everything else off :(

not really.

i hope
The reasoning they explained makes sense, but deep inside, stuff like this still makes me worry. I love Atlus. It would kill me if anything bad happened to them.
But Sega decided to buy Index Corp. for Atlus! They wouldn't just abandon them...not with Persona 5 coming out soon!
Plus they have grand designs for them:

The Company believes that transfer of Index’s operations to SEGA will create synergies, on the grounds that the deal will enable the Company to:

(1) gain access to prominent IPs in the home video game software, through which the Company can expect to achieve steady flows of revenue;

(2) expect further facilitation of revenue growth for the PC Online Game Business and Content Business for Smart Devices operated by SEGA and SEGA Networks Co., Ltd. by exploiting acquired prominent IPs

(3) maximize the value of acquired IPs by effectively deploying them in the Pachislot and Pachinko Machines segment, Amusement Machine Sales and Amusement Center Operations segments.
I absolutely look forward to following my favorite friends, family, and gaming companies on Facebook and Twitter. These sites let me truly connect with people and share my life no matter the distance. Imagine a Persona game with facebook integration. You could erase entire social links by defriending characters. Isn't social media great?
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