Atlus USA Announces Persona 4 Golden (Vita) for NA Release

only reason to buy a Vita for me thus far

im so very tempted.. but it aint enough. Show me dat Um Jammer Lammy sequel
(let me dream)
I bought my Vita to have all the the Persona games on the go. The only real question is: digital (like all the other Persona games on my Vita) or physical (pre-order bonuses and packaging)?

So pumped. :)
Triple dipping!
Us ps2,eu ps2 and us vita!
And let's hope for a new smt/persona entry on home consoles before Their timespan ends...

Hope there's a collector edition and a decent cover for p4 golden actually XD
Fall 2012 is when I shall own a Vita. Guess i better snag whatever other PSP games I want digitally.

Kinda shocked Vol wasnt the one who posted :p
Sorry Ghostlight but my IMPORT MONEY IS READY.

Europe always gets shafted with this. I appreciate their effort localizing niche stuff for our market and usually buy it too (I double dipped on P3P to show support), but this time it will be US version all the way.
I really hope they can get the original voices... man, I remember when I was worried about the anime not having the original English VAs. I never imagined I'd have the same worry for the games.