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Atomic Heart has launched without ray tracing on PC despite featuring in multiple Nvidia tech demos


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As spotted by RPS(opens in new tab), it seems that Atomic Heart developer Mundfish has yanked out ray tracing support from the game in the last stretch of its development. That's a bit of a surprise, given all the aforementioned Nvidia demos and that Mundfish doesn't seem to have ever announced that Atomic Heart's rays wouldn't be traced in the run-up to its release. But no matter how deep you go into the graphics options, you won't be able to turn on ray tracing mode in the game's current build.

Mundfish seems to be suggesting this is a temporary situation. When PC Gamer reached out to the studio, it told us that "Ray tracing won’t be available at release," but that it would "revisit the needs of [its] gamers" in the post-launch period. Mundfish also told RPS that it would be "looking into implementing [ray tracing] post-launch".


Its still one of the freshest newest IP this generation, also shoutout to releasing such a great pc port with amazing perforomance


And the benefit is that the game still looks incredible while running well. Great demonstration of planar reflections.

Obviously RT when it's implemented will be better but hopefully they can optimise it in a way that it doesn't cause the classic UE4 stutter like some other recent games.
We can add Halo Infinite to that "where the fuck is RT" list.

Fingers crossed it's not long for RT updates with Atomic. I'll be firing up Atomic late tonight, still hoping for solid visuals and hopefully a great game too.


hide your water-based mammals
From what I saw, the RT was broken based on the reflections. Game still looks pretty stellar regardless on PC.

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I’m starting to think it was strategic.

What would have happened if they launched with RT? Bunch of whiners with shit GPUs would complain about performances. Just look at recent RT releases. Peoples forget it’s not something easy to render.

Now the initial impression is that it’s well optimized.


RT is fairly meaningless in most games.
The major use will be to speed up development, but for now Nvidia can use it as a gimmick to sell more GPUs. If it wasn't for Blender stuff, I would probably regret getting a 3080 over a 6950.
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