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We don't know why he keeps buying PAL, either.

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The OP as ever will be a list of great links for everyone and as always if you want me to add anything just PM me.

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We don't know why he keeps buying PAL, either.
Doncamatic said:
OP reads like rehashed press releases. I can't help but think that these OTs are going downhill. Also, video games.
OP is there for newbies, once we're off the first page we never even see it again.
Fredescu said:
I'm wondering if we should take zavvi/the hut off the recommended importers list, or maybe just link to this thread:
As someone who has spent a few hundred dollars on dozens of order from them and had fantastic customer service in the one occasion that a parcel went missing I still recommend them to people but, like with the key sites, maybe it is indeed better to not recommend them in the OP just in case they have a problem. Have any of you guys had problems with them before? Found them to be just as good as PlayAsia et al.
For anyone reading the archived version of this thread in the far flung future of 2013, Skyrim and Uncharted 3 just came out and Skyward Sword is about to come out. The Internet LOVES the former, had middling feelings about the one in the middle and has mixed reports on the latter. Nintendo is still doomed, but what else is new, right?

Oh and Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition running against an unpopular Gillard government. God help us all.

Just for the 2013 readers: I'm still making comics nobody reads, I'm still somehow working in this stupid games industry, and I have all my limbs and teeth. I have a feeling it's all downhill from here.
People not getting the OT joke make me sad and fearful that future threads won't be filled with our wonderful history of banners.

So to be annoyingly clear, people are joking because it's topical to joke about.


Currently polling second in Australia's federal election (first in the Gold Coast), this feral may one day be your Bogan King.
I don't know what the next big EA game is but yeah sure why not.

/says this before he has signed the papers
I heard that NFS The Run is hot, runny poop
wiki said:
Prior to its release, Need for Speed: The Run was marketed and promoted heavily through the use of numerous Internet and TV trailers. Famed Hollywood explosion fetishist Michael Bay has directed a TV advertisement for the game. Talking about his venture of directing a trailer for a game, Michael Bay stated, "What I try to do with my trailers is to get your heart racing to the end of it." The advertisement features explosions, car crashes, supercars and police vehicle.
lol Never changed wiki editors!

EatChildren said:
I don't know what the next big EA game is but yeah sure why not.

/says this before he has signed the papers
Sony exclusives too please. ;)