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So AusGAF. What's the best area(or street) for restaurants in Melbourne(as in IN the city)? I've got a date this Saturday and I want to take her to somewhere not fancy but upper-casual. If you know what I mean, like $25-$30 main meal range, nice atmosphere, nice food.
I gave you some options when you last asked...

If you want somewhere really good this weekend, it may be too late to book. Whatever you do, for the love of god, do NOT go to Lygon Street. If someone suggests you go there, they don't know food and should be slapped.

You could try San Telmo, Senoritas, Hu Tong, Seamstress, Mo Vida, Mo Vida Next Door (no reservations taken/needed), Taxi, Cumulus Inc, Izakaya Den. Some of those places might blow your budget though so check their websites.
GAF is going to melt down like it hasn't for 7 years when Wii U specs/launch games are revealed. Irrespective of what they actually are, it will be seen as vindication by everyone.
Aww I missed out on the top by 10. Today I woke uo and pinched or twisted my leg in some way and was in excruciating pain. Thats happened a few times now and I dont know how to fix it
Bummed out I missed the L4D2 session, ended up having a few drinks and then my cold really kicked in. Pretty much a zombie today, just in time for holidays :|


I want a tag give me a tag
So AusGAF. What's the best area(or street) for restaurants in Melbourne(as in IN the city)? I've got a date this Saturday and I want to take her to somewhere not fancy but upper-casual. If you know what I mean, like $25-$30 main meal range, nice atmosphere, nice food.

Then somewhere after. A bar or club. I've been to cherry bar so maybe that but she might not be into that rock scene, I dunno yet. Every place I know is too far out of the city or not applicable for that night!

Yes, I'm quite ignorant of what Melbourne has. I know places in Sydney and Brisbane easy. I need to start on Melbourne.
does it need to be cbd? if u want to be fancy theres a nice vegetarian joint up brunswick st in fitzroy whos name i forget, not very romamtic private, but nice jazzy friendly atmos, and theirs plenty of cocktail bars near
Hah nahh, Bride. Didn't get any payment for it either, nor the advertising we are still used in :x

Damn photographers. :p
Did you sign a release? If not, you are entitled to some compensation. Being used to advertise a product is the only circumstance where a model release is required.
I received a CD in the post a while back and hadn't gotten around to opening and ripping it to my PC yet. It's some creepy and atmospheric ambient music that would be great to use when running some Cthulhu or other horror RPG (which is the intent behind their creation). The creator included some album themed postcard things and one of them contained a personalised message. I though it was cool enough to share with you guys.

You can have a bit of a listen if you want at
I'm playing more portable games (while watching tv). Don't bother much with big console games these days, unless it's something I really really want to play.
Just received the rubber feet I mentioned last week for propping up the 3DS top screen so it doesn't get marked by the lower screen edges nor circle pad. Here's a pic:

And from the side to see how much it lifts the screen:

The minimum I could order was the 60 shown, so I'm happy to send some out to other Aussies by regular mail.

If you want some, PM me and I'll send off 6 of the rubber feet by regular mail for $1.70 (which covers the stamp, envelope and a tenth of what I paid). Payment can be by Paypal, you pay any fees (although I think it's free for personal payments in AUD). I know there was a little interest already from when I first posted them, but there's plenty more to go around.
I think I'll send you some money for those Clipper.

Japanese speaking test time. : |
Do you want to do it by mail or just wait until the next Board Games day? Do you know if you can make any of the April dates yet?

Edit: Oops, sorry for double posting, guys. Totally forgot that I'd just posted that other one...
I think it looks gorgeous.

Although I love good pixel art...
Don't get me wrong, I think it looks great; I looooooove Disney's style and line art. Is it Rayman: Origins level, though? Not quite. The fact is (assuming Vince is serious) is that it isn't even fair to compare the two, considering the disparity of the systems that they reside on.

I think it looks awesome. Just to be clear. It is not Rayman: Origins, though.
epic mickey?...... 700 people working on that?
No. 800 people working across several versions. Wii is lead version (!) and developed by Junction Point, with PS3/360 versions developed by another studio. The 3DS version is different in terms of gameplay, taking off from where the 16 bit games left off.

I think that's the Castle of Illusion sequel they announced recently.

Vince, that game looks amazing. Reminds me of Castle of Illusion. Here's hoping it's good.
Same here. It's always risky business taking after a long lost and much loved game. Many reboots simply fail to deliver when compared with nostalgia.

Can't tell if serious.
Deadly serious. Rayman Origins looks incredible, but pixel art looks more authentic given the medium. 2D art isnt dependent on resolution or technical brilliance as much as bleeding edge 3D is in order to look great. Art style, themes, characterisation conveyed through small details (due to lack of realism) etc all matter greatly. Rayman looks good but to me it doesnt look like I think 2D should look like. In a weird way.

oh sequel to a megadrive game.....


Amiga 500 > 16 bit consoles

I think it looks gorgeous.

Although I love good pixel art...
You sir have good taste.

Did you have to write a speech thing?
Nah, just a conversation-style interview. Probably aced it.

Uh, probably screwed up the reading section. Something about Las Vegas being bright or something, but some other place not being bright. I dunno. でも、おもしろいです。。。
Hey Kritz, I'm watching the livestream footage from last night and you made a mistake.

You said CoD3 was the first CoD to have vehicles in MP, but CoD UO had them in MP and that was the expansion for the first game.

Just thought you should know...
AusGAF Game Night Thingy Maybe?:

How much is it? It is five dollars.
Where do you get it? From this place, also known as Steam
How large is it? 8GB.
How long is it on sale for? For one more day. 20 hours.

When are we going to play it? Tonight or tomorrow.
Are we going to use Mumble? Fuck yes we are. : 10029

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