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Authorities confiscate videogame carts used for live spider trafficking into the US


This popped up on my local news feed today, apparently somebody used a carrier company to send pirated famicom carts that had some plastic vials inside them to send live spiders.

This was sent from Guadalajara's airport in Mexico to Maryland and since it wasn't properly documented is currently being investigated by federal authorities.

Source (in spanish):

There´s a video too, thats a clever way to use that empty cart space, makes you wonder what other stuff might have been sent this way too.



what the hell


Just popping in to say this is the most horrifying thread title I've seen in a while. That's one way to smuggle spiders!
Tarantulas for the pet trade? Kind of fucked up. The animals deserve better.

This is what I'd think, but fami carts aren't that big. They might be juveniles but I would think that people distributing CB spiders would be able to circumvent these restrictions in easier ways. I don't even know how expensive spiders are, anyway.


Doesn't read OPs, especially not his own
When it said spider trafficking i thought it was just another name for some kind of trafficking of something or someone, I didnt actually register that these are carts


I've told this story in various places across the internet, but have I ever shared with the GAF the story of the Pokemon Emerald cart I got that was full of child porn?
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