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Available Now with Xbox Game Pass | Fall 2021


Mar 12, 2016
Xbox Game Pass has revealed the secret to inner peace. Spoiler alert: it's video games. Watch now to see what games are available to play now this fall and how you too can become a zen gaming master!

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0:00 Introduction
0:42 FPS
1:46 Sports
3:14 Action & Adventure
5:46 Simulation
6:54 Strategy & RPG
8:44 Racing
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Punished Miku

Gold Member
Jan 13, 2018
I'm psyched for Aragami 2 in 2 days. Honestly one of my most anticipated titles this year. I got a Vita for Shinobido 2, and an Xbox 360 for Tenchu Z, so if you throw some low budget stealth action my way - I'm in day one.
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