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Avalanche will be announcing their new IP this year, from former director of Driveclub and Motorstorm.


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Source: https://lordsofgaming.net/2022/01/former-sony-studio-head-now-at-avalanche-new-ip-to-announce/

Former Sony Evolution Studios head Paul Rustchynsky has taken to Twitter to announce his new gig at the Avalanche Studios Group. Not only that, he has included some new information on what they have been up to.

While Paul has been at Avalanche for over a year, back in November they officially cut the ribbon on their new Liverpool studio located on the Royal Albert Dock. Of course, the new studio is staffing up, although we assumed it was for Contraband. Currently, Avalanche is slated to release the Microsoft published 1970’s inspired co-op action game.

On the contrary, Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that is not the case. He added, the team is working on a new IP and that they will announce their new game this year. Rustchynsky is a former director of a number of racing games. He worked on DriveClub, OnRush and the MotorStorm series. He followed up to confirm that the studio is in fact not working on a racing game but, “This is something very different to anything I’ve worked on before.” Previous Avalanche Studios Group games include The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Rage 2, Mad Max, and Just Cause 4.


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So it's the Swedish Avalanche (Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2, Contraband), not the Avalanche from USA (Disney Infinity, Howgarts Legacy)


It's a real damn shame that Just Cause 4 never got a next-gen BC enhancement patch, or even FPS boost.

It would be amazing playing it in higher frame rates.


Please be Mad Max 2 as a tie-in to the Fury Road sequel...
i don't even know if there's a fury road sequel planned


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Motorstorm was a lot of peoples favorites but since it left there's been Forza, GT, Need 4 Speed, Mario Kart, Driveclub etc.


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So it's the Swedish Avalanche (Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2, Contraband), not the Avalanche from USA (Disney Infinity, Howgarts Legacy)
He says they opened a new studio in Liverpool. No idea what to expect here though. Is this a racing game studio?


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I hope for a game with cool physics stuff. I loved Just Cause 3 and Mad Max alike though so I don't mind if its a "new IP" again.


I like Rushy. Respect, dude is a survivor. Evolution, codemasters and Avalanche. Can’t wait to see what his team puts out.
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