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Avoid Droid on PS Vita: Fruit, Explosions and Multipliers


Jul 30, 2007

Hello, chums! I’m Barry Island, creative director of Infinite State Games. We’re very excited to tell you that we’re bringing something rather fruity to your handhelds very early next year. Avoid Droid is a game we’ve been wanting to make for a long time, and it’s getting a most prestigious premiere on PS Vita!
In Avoid Droid, fruit appears in sync with a drum beat of ever-increasing tempo. Your Droid loves fruit! But when he tries to eat them, they explode. It’s not all bad though, because those explosions destroy the endless horde of robotic machines trying to squish, zap, stomp and bite you. (It’s their fruit, you see. Don’t ask.)

The hook to the game is the scoring system – each exploding fruit sets off adjacent fruits, creating crazy-satisfying chain explosions. As well as looking and sounding awesome, each explosion adds a multiplier to points scored with the chain.

There’s loads of replay value in the main, randomly generated Arena Mode, along with collectable coins which can be used to unlock custom droids and droid bits. We’re also planning on putting in the option to upload your most impressive dodging sessions to YouTube, where your unique droid customizations will make your replays yours.

This guy has the best name ever!


Neo Member
Aug 24, 2013
Hello, gang!

Barry here from Infinite State Games. Just thought I'd drop you guys some new info on our game Avoid Droid for PSVita!

OK first, here's our E3 teaser trailer... the game has come on a long way both graphically and gameplay wise since our first announcement. We hope you enjoy it


Second, here's an article we've written about how we made it with no dosh in our back pocket while holding down day jobs!


Thirdly, we've put the soundtrack EP up on bandcamp to download for free (or pay what you want)


We should be submitting in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love,

Barry Island