"Awesome" Fan Art |OT2| James can see everything


Alright, so the dust has settled. It's been over half a year since the glorious thread that was the Amazingly AWESOME fan art thread was locked. I don't really know exactly why the last thread was locked, but I've been craving some more. If the mods feel like it's too soon, feel free to lock it up, but until then, I need a little ARRRaHHH! in my life.

Post any fan art of dubious quality. Just bad craftsmanship, unusual subject matter, insane crossovers, bizarre wish-fulfillment, and what have you.

Don't lose your minds. Keep it SFW, even though you shouldn't view any of these at work. You'll probably get fired just for being insane. But, regardless, keep it PG. Yes, there's a lot of AMAZING erotic fan art out there, but it's obviously not GAF-appropriate. No dicks, nipples, and you know. Use your head.

Also, let's keep the Nazi stuff to a minimum. I don't know why there's so much Nazi fan art, but there is and it's just uncomfortable.

And, let's not do Sonichu either. Just.... because.

One more warning: If you want to join in on the fun and go diving for gold in the vast reaches of the internet, be warned... You will see things. Things that cannot be unseen.

Again, sorry if it's too soon. I've just had some bizarre desire to see more lately.
Oh my, I was just thinking about how I was surprised nobody had made a followup thread to the first the other day.

I'm scared to dive back into the abyss for content to post...
How is it a mystery as to why the previous thread got locked? Seems pretty obvious to me.
If you're referring to Kerrby's comments, he wasn't banned for that if I recall. Unless you're just referring to how out there the pics were getting. There was a picture with Slowpoke penis in there somewhere, which I'm completely puzzled as to why it was never removed.


No. No. Fucking stop it internet. Cut it out. There is nothing funny, clever, or interesting about intertextual references for their own sake. This shit is why I can't buy novelty t-shirts anymore.
I just...who thinks of this shit!? Who takes the time to create these and thinks that time was worth it!?
I will never know the reason why any of this has happened.