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Back 4 Blood - Reveal Trailer and Gameplay Demo


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A beefed up L4D, gimme please.
More systems to play with. More randomness.
My most anticipated multiplayer game atm.

Been watching streams and it has many elements that I'm on board with. Teamwork. Specializing. More world tactics.
Can't wait to see how the 'game director' has evovled with more power and also the teams experience over the years.
I would want a mode without cards just to have the option, but I like 'em.


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Maybe I'm overacting but after the monetization scheme with Evolve, I was really hoping they'd keep this simple.
Nah, a lot of people are really upset about it cause they're concerned it's going to divide the community. I mean, the content does look pretty eeesh. The devs swear it won't, but... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Anyone else kinda abnoyed that it seems like they learned nothing from how Evolved was received? This 100 dollar ultimate edition bullshit just makes me feel like they're gonna try and Nickle and dime us at every corner.

I've seen the gameplay can someone tell me why i should get this over just replaying l4d again? This game will be abandoned in 8 months and I get this feeling that they're just trying to make as much bank on the l4d nostalgia and dip. Yeah, fuck these guys for the way they handled evolved.


Dont like the sound of the new systems and safe room. Card system should just be the director switching things.

I liked that it L4D was alot simpler and not avout carrots.

The fact that the director still mixes things up should hopefully keep the gameplay fun its uo to the level design now.


One of the only games I'm hyped for next year besides Elden Ring (if it comes out). I played the shit out of L4D and L4D2 back in the day. Some of my favorite MP moments ever.


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I hadn't heard of this until I saw this thread. Look great (LONG overdue L4D sequel). L4D was soo good, I hope this scratches that itch.


Lol totally not surprised but still a little disappointed.

Really ready to jump into a new game that isn’t 100 hours long or a battle royale game.


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Fair enough. Nothing wrong with letting it bake a bit longer to get everything where it needs to be. Stoked about it still coming out this year though! Can't wait! :D

Holiday season this year may be pretty stacked. 👀

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Can understand delays BUT they would be wary of releasing too close to the holiday season and getting steamrolled by the heavy hitters.
Anyone who played the beta/alpha thing will know this delay was needed.

Unfortunately the dated and outrageous payment model looks to be staying. I feel sorry for them, I'm not someone who ever moans about DLC/ingame purchases. But charging for all the extra content on top of the game being a full price, in 2021 it's outdated and a death sentence to the game.

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LOL like what? People still up for a L4D3 regardless of the date.
Just a lot of games get hurt by releasing in that crowded block with COD, Halo, Battlefield etc

calm your cute face Jay, it wasn't a slight at the game! it's my most anticipated game of the year so I will be getting no matter what.


So off topic question, why did microsoft stop selling left 4 dead on the Xbox store. I looked up some prices and the game is still going for $20+. That's crazy.

Back on topic I'll be buying this game. Left 4 dead is still one of my favorites.


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The gameplay was the closed alpha and footage they've already shown, lmao. Not a new map, weapon, ridden, or anything. Eeeesh.

Still excited about it but that's odd, lol.

They did mention an open beta, so there's that! But no date was provided.
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