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Ballpoint Pens 2k16

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You got Moxie, kid!
Apr 6, 2007
What would you recommend for a lefty? Any one the doesn't smear easily?

I'm honestly not sure! My favorite ballpoint inks - from Pilot and MontBlanc - are a tad slow to dry. I'm a righty and I smear them sometimes. I'll see what I can find with a bit of research. Any lefties have pens they prefer?

Just thought I'd bump this thread today in honor of László Bíró since Google's Doodle pointed out that today is his 117th birthday and of course for his contribution to creating the modern ballpoint pen aka the Biro :)


Yay! I will write with a JJLOUD in his honor.

My work has been super busy, but it has finally slowed down enough to give me some time to talk about pens more! It's a tad ironic that the job that got me to care about ballpoint pens has been the biggest thing keeping me from talking about ballpoint pens. :/

I need to post some instructions to mod a Pilot Metropolitan to take a MontBlanc ballpoint cartridge! That is a quality writing experience, available on the cheap if you use a Pilot body instead of a $200+ MontBlanc body. It's super easy to make this work! I've been fiddling with the method to get the measurements right. I'll figure that out, snap some pictures, and try to get a brief guide up soon!
Not open for further replies.