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Barry | Season 3 | On HBO Max


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Barry is a dark comedy starring Bill Hader as a depressed, low-rent hitman from the Midwest. Lonely and dissatisfied in his life, he reluctantly travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit on an aspiring actor. Barry follows his “mark” into an acting class and ends up finding an accepting community in a group of eager hopefuls within the LA theater scene. He wants to start a new life as an actor, but his criminal past won’t let him walk away —can he find a way to balance both worlds?

Barry also stars Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Fleshler, Anthony Carrigan, and Henry Winkler. The series was created and produced by Hader along with Alec Berg (HBO's Silicon Valley).

The first episode of season three has finally dropped after a nearly three-year hiatus. It picks up with the titular character Barry's decisions (and mistakes) from the previous season all rapidly catching up with him.

s3ep1 was good, largely a return to form, but it had a lot less humor than what we saw while season 2 was wrapping up. The character of Sally is proving to be every bit as blunt and emotionally absent as she was hinted at being in seasons one and two.


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Wow, episode 2 gets dark.

It's now clear Sally is caught in another abusive relationship with Barry - with neither of them realizing it.

Barry completely melting down and threatening to kill Gene's son and grandson is just about the worst thing Barry has done aside from killing his innocent acquaintance in the first season for finding out what he really did for a living.

The dog bit was pretty hilarious. As was homeboy having to watch the homoerotic display while trying to keep it together.
I thought episode 2 started off with some weird pacing and tone going quickly through the three plot lines but once it settled down toward the end it was great. The 30 minute length is nice but can sometimes feel constricting.
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