Battlefield 1 leaked, Oct 18, Harlem Hellfighter DLC

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Trailer teaser for next Battlefield:

Anyway, for summary the reveal is tomorrow at 4pm EDT (which is I think GMT-4 until Britain switches to daylight savings then it'll be -5 again). 3 second teaser was posted with a solider looking up at an ominous shadow.

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Seems real enough:

via Nibel.

Pulled from EA achievement server for unannounced game


Posting it in this thread too.

This is what's gonna happen, only it's gonna flip to "battlefield" instead of "M" and "1" instead of "3"

EA is really in with the "rebooting" of their franchises.

Just Need for Speed
Just Star Wars Battlefront
Now Battlefield 1...

But yeah, really hyped now :)


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If it is in fact a WW1 game then it's probably a tank rolling over the edge of his trench.
Can someone bring over that Battlefield 1 1920s post so I can add it to the OP? Hard to do all this on mobile. I gave you guys like 5 minutes.


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Hell ya I'm pumped only way I'm buying this is if it's back in time. I havnt had a good WW2 shooter since idk even remember because I never played World of war


The coat worn by the soldier in the teaser most definitely looks like a WW1 era trench overcoat.

As for 1920, unless it's some sort of alternate history, I doubt it. The only major war in that period is the Polish-Soviet war, unless you count the Russian revolution as a war.

WW1 is my bet.


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They're actually gonna call it Battlefield 1? :/ I mean, I guess they haven't filled that slot in the "main series" outside of 1942 being the actual first for the series. But... :/
Reposting my small recap from the other thread with some updates.

- Trailer shows a soldier in an old uniform, there's a shadow of something big.

"old uniform"

- An image of a Biplane with a Zepellin appears on EA servers under an achievement for a game not yet announced.
This was the original URL of the image:

- Community source say it's a WW1 game with a twist.

- Battlefield Website mentions "Battlefield 1".

Credits for the translate to Nibel.

Originally Posted by HamiltonianConstraint

Game will be called Battlefield 1, and will take place in 1920... that's what my little birds told me :D
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