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Battlefield 1 |OT2| "All Quiet on the GAF Front"


close to 800 hours on the ps4 and still loving every minute of it.

absolutely my favourite game ever! if the next one is ww2 based im gonna be a happy gamer!

you just cant beat the feeling of old combat with old weapons in an old setting. TONS of saving private ryan moments and the game looks awesome on the pro!


I just fired up BF1 today and had a blast. KD was 4. Not bad for not playing in 2 months. I have to admit that even after 400 hours with this game I still love it.
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I swear it seems like performance on the base PS4 just gets worse and worse. I don't even touch Conquest due to how that mode runs. I've always stuck to Rush mode because one: that's the mode I played since Battlefield: Bad Company (my first ever Battlefield game) and I love it and two: that mode generally ran pretty smooth.

But recently even Rush mode isn't safe from perfomance struggles. I remember a month or two ago playing on Amiens and being like "woah, wtf happened here?". Dips to 30s and just messy. Earlier today I played on Empire's Edge, one of my favorite maps and yep framerate got pretty bad.

This game ran so well at launch (at least Rush mode). Can't imagine things will get better with BF 2018 this fall. Feel like I'm almost obligated to get a pro just to get decent performance.


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We also run a league with multiple platoons called BMF and that's mid way through season 2 already

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You are UK/EU based.
You have a Mic.
You are over 18.
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You play the objective.
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