Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial begins June 17th - Invites being sent out today

The first wave of Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial invites are being sent out today to randomly selected Battlefield players. The selection process is completely random, and though some might suggest that a high Battlefield Veteran status or BF4 pre-orders, this is simply not the case as the selection process is, once again, random.

For those that remember the Battlefield 3 Alpha trial, the amount of play testers will be increased as the trial progresses, so if you don't get an invite now, there is a chance you will get one in a few days or even next week.


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Damn, don't have one. I really want to get in to see the new destruction if possible on PS3.

I'm really curious to see how current/last gen handles it.
Where's mine, DICE? I played your games, WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS? DIIICE?

I think I'm 8. The system is, like I said completely random. This is some poor sap from Mordor's credentials, no invite:

> Pre-ordered Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition
> I Bought Battlefield 3 Limited Edition (pre-order)
> I Play BF3 since the day one (Enlisted 24/10/2011)
> Veteran Status 10.
> Colonel Service Star 100
> I have Battlefield 1942
> More than 900 hours playing BF3.
> Premium Member.
Goes to show how much of a crap shoot the whole thing is. It's entertaining to say the least.

(Also holy shit the BF3 Alpha thread was 150 pages)
Yeah I know man, was just playing the role of the poor desperate sap :p
For BF3's alpha I got shafted until my buddy who is a console only gamer, doesn't own a PC, got an invite so I was able to use his account.

Gotta wonder how they end up sending an Xbox only guy an invite, but that's the beauty of it.
There is a somewhat sizeable amount of people (including myself) who had a perfect, smooth, 60fps+ experience with the game...up until one of the patches shortly after Armored Kill came out.

Then all of a sudden there is awful rubber banding 10x/min that you have to stand still for 2 seconds or jump 3+ times to snap out of it.

I haven't been able to play it for long periods of time since that happened and it's making me really sad they haven't patched it yet because I WANT TOP PLAY. Some servers are better than others, but the rubber banding eventually hits and it becomes an utterly awful experience.

Doing a clean install/HDD wipe fixes it for some people, but it eventually comes back.
Dice said they've been working on a fix since they broke the game for some people, almost a year later and still no fix.

I hope I get an Alpha invite because I just really want to play some Battlefield
Please note that this highly tech-focused white-boxed Alpha Trial that does not represent the final quality of the game. Most of the level textures will be white (except Soldiers and Vehicles), and performance at this early stage of developement will be choppy
Not the E3 build then?
Didn't get one, Premium and Veteran status 10, I'll get my dad to check his email when I get home, since he got a BF3 Alpha key for some reason despite only playing the Xbox version of BF2
I couldn't remember the account I used for the earlier BF games. Otherwise my veteran status would be higher. Even suffered through 1943. Hated it. Can't do Battlefield with a controller =(

For some reason I don't have a lot of motivation to try BF4. If I get an invite, I'll be sure to pass that along to someone else :)
Didn't get one. Oh well
Is there anything we need to opt in for besides Origin sending me updates on sales?

edit: What the fuck theres origin achievements now.
Just noticed that too... when the hell did that happen? :lol I'm 90% sure they weren't there when I went through ME3 a month or two back.
When does the beta start? Been considering picking up premium finally and getting into the beta is on of the reasons. So any info on when the Beta starts and how long it will last?
Sweet, I got one too! Just checked my Origin client after seeing this thread, and it's there waiting...

For anyone wondering what my Battlefield "credentials" are:

Have not pre-ordered BF4 or anything. Weren't Premium members not supposed to get into the Beta by default? Seeing this is an Alpha, the Beta might come later...
Lucky bastard. ;)

When does the beta start? Been considering picking up premium finally and getting into the beta is a reason. So any info on when the Beta starts and how long it will last?
Beta starts in the fall. Which is unfortunate because I'll be at university w/out my PC.
From the invite:


OS: Vista SP2, Win7
Windows 8 not supported.
64-bit! 32-bit not supported.
DX10 or DX11 GPU with 1+ GB of RAM,
DX11 highly recommended
25GB Free HDD space required
Latest Origin version required

Note that these do not necessarily represent the requirements for the final game.
Here comes my weeks of playing BF3 in an attempt at getting big brother Dice to notice me and drop me an invite...

It happened with BC2, and now it's gonna happen with BF3... I'm so fucking weak, I tell you!