Battlefield 5 retail listing at World of Games (Swiss), "tactical shooter in WW1"

Current Gen graphics in a WW1/2 setting. Yes please! It has been a while. I miss the whiz of a sniper bullet and hearing the crack of thw rifle on a near miss Medal of Honor had.
WW1? We just had a thread about it in the OT. A couple of days ago was 100th anniversary of Verdun. Fucking insanity.

How would a WW1 shooter have the Battlefield momentum and pacing? The slow firing weaponry, would change everything. Would melee be a stronger focus? If you missed your shot it takes forever to reload. I would imagine that sprinting, and trying to dodge bullets and go for a melee kill would be more realistic and pausible than in an age of semi-automatic weapons that fire many rounds in seconds.

Would that mean that a WW1 shooter would be a camper fest? The war was known for trench warfare. A war of attrition of starving and getting poisoned in mustard gas.
No automatic weapons (aside stationary) in a AAA-shooter? No way, people don't want to play this. Plus the setting is not mainstream enough, WW2 would be okay, but not not WW1.

I doubt this.
I was hoping for a modern shooter but I guess its getting old since BF3 and 4 were both modern shooters.

I'm not really in to futuristic or old shooters, but will still keep an eye out.