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Battlefield 6 Leaks



BF3 had ridiculous hype levels.....BF4 I was still very much sold on.
BF1 and BF5 werent anywhere near as im sold as shit as the previous 2 games.
BF1 had that weird music trailer that was just weird considering the game we were actually going to get
BFV reveal trailer I didnt hate as much as everyone else, but I certainly wouldnt want it to be the first thing i show Battlefield fans.

But BF1 still has the best atmosphere of any of the newgen BF games.
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Ah, I see it's time for another round of "Tom Henderson says some random shit that makes it seem he has insider knowledge but chances are 80/20 he has no idea what the fuck he's talking about so when his claim turns out correct he's a legend and when it's wrong we just pretend it never happened"
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