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Battlefield Hardline Easter Egg reload animations are amazing


Shamelessly stolen from reddit

Played for roughly 4 hours.

Games pretty awful but these are amazing.

HAHAH I like how the one where a random hand gives you a magazine, and the person playing looks to the left to see if someone was there.


Awesome thing is that every gun has one so this is a small fraction of what's in there to see of these, I'm hoping for a postal style shotgun one


From my teammate handing me a med pack and saying "medkit here motherfucker!" These little touches are great.
I really hope that tk pull on the ak mag means we'll get more dead space easter eggs O_O

Would be so in for a easter egg or dlc map with only Dead Space weapons.
None of that Dead Space 3 garbage tho
DLC map aboard the Ishimura, hnnnnnnnnnngggg. Make it happen Visceral!!
Makes me wish they weren't making a Battlefield spinoff and instead embracing this wackiness with a comedic game. I could totally see these animations in a slapstick Leslie Nielsen style cops 'n robbers shooter.


What makes some of them so hilariously funny is that can really see the confusion of the players like "where the fuck did that arm come from?" and "What? Where did my gun go?"

Hahaha great stuff.
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