Battlefield V PC RTX 2080Ti vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison.


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Jun 6, 2004
Things got rough for 1X in Algeria. Overall this is showing pretty strong value for 1X. However, this game doesn't really implement the new raytracing stuff, does it? I don't think we're seeing all the 2080ti can bring to the table here. Still, we're definitely seeing diminishing returns on not just hardware but ability to make productions that showcase technologies to the fullest. Whenever I sit down to play anything I think most games look fantastic these days. Especially if it's 60fps, I'll probably have no qualms.
Jan 27, 2018
1200$ GPU is faster compared to cheap console? I'm surprised ;).

Next year probably PS5 with raytracing support will be launched and more games will support raytracing on consoles

What's interesting even current VEGA GPU's from AMD can accelerate real time raytracing, and unlike Nv they do t have to make new RTX cores just for raytracing.
Below AMD presentation in regards to their own real time raytracing solution
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