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BBC stars' pay has been revealed in annual report.


Unless it's changed, I always thought it was if you had equipment capable of receiving a signal, not whether you do or not.
Nope. It's always been the case that simply having equipment doesn't mean you need a license, that's just an urban legend that the BBC have been happy to let perpetuate.
You only need a license if you watch live broadcasts.

And if someone from TV licensing turns up at the door they have no rights to enter or check anything and you have every right to tell them to get lost and slam the door in their face.

Having said that I fully recommend people buy a license if they do watch live TV and wholly condemn anyone abusing the lax rules to just get out of it.


We did google it first to see what it was about and saw conflicting accounts. That's why we asked the local professional responsible for handling our relocation and checked with the rental agency, as well. I, too, thought that just owning a device was a ridiculous standard because EVERYONE has at least a TV, but that's what we were told. It's not like we just bought into it. If you're a foreigner, do you trust online accounts (which are varied and conflicting) or people whose job it is to help you relocate? Saying 'google' should have put us right is a bit sneery.

Sorry for late response on this but when I google 'do I need a tv license to own a tv', the top result is http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/about/foi-legal-framework-AB16. It explicitly states you don't.

I didn't mean to be sneery but when it comes to advice for things like that read the official websites over taking someone's advice.


in my opinion, jeremy bowen deserves what he earns due to the nature of his work corresponding from the front lines of war, almost exclusively, from the middle east.
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