Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch dead at 47

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Wow this is just terrible and sad, way too young to go :/ He was a notable alumni of my high school and always thought that was something neat to brag about, the news is probably hitting hard with the older staff that are still there. RIP.


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I'll admit I haven't listened to much Beastie Boys recently, but this is very sad news. I have fond memories of listening to Ill Communication on tape over and over and over again at summer camp. My bunkmates and I would memorize and perform all the parts of the songs. I was MCA.


MCA is the other Adam in the Beasties.
That's Ad-Rock (Adam Horowitz)


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Fuck. My heart just dropped into my stomach. Jesus Christ. Fuck.
Damn, I didn't even know he was sick. He was always my favorite Beastie. The last time I saw those guys I thought Mike D looked like he was too thin but MCA looked alright. Shame. RIP MCA.
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