Behind the scenes E3: Nintendos booth

This made me think that a Nintendo Land amusement park would be amazing
You're right. If they can make Hogwarts, Springfield, Cars and other universes come to life.

Imagine a Nintendo Land. An F-Zero attraction where you sit in actual cars, get an oculus rift type helmet, and play etc.

DK Country type walkways and tree houses, Hyrule Castle with a triforce that glows when you touch it etc. Luigis Mansion haunted house tour, Pokemon snap type safari using state of the art animatronics.
I dunno why they haven't struck a deal with Universal Studios or someone similar. These are properties with a hell of a lot of cache.
It's obvious why. They don't want anyone touching any of the franchises. It's Nintendo and only Nintendo. I mean why let Universal Studios in on any of dat printed paper?