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Bellator MMA: Rampage vs. Tito |OT| Just kidding, Tito is injured.

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Chandler bleeding mouth or nose as well as his eye. Bellator's announcers blatantly biased in the call. This is worse than Rogan has ever been actually. But at least they're not yelling.

Edit: While I typed that last part Eddies eye busted as shit. This is interesting.


Drunky McMurder
Great fight, and I have no idea who gets the win. Amazing effort by both sides, that fifth round was insane.


Fight of the year contender for sure. I've got it 48-47 Eddie, but wouldn't be surprised to see it 48-47 Chandler.

One more fight. I'm beggin' ya.
Let's see how much pull the Bellator brass has. Scores should be close regardless.. if it's a landslide in Chandler's favor.. then I'm calling it a work.


Good for Eddie, that was a hell of a fight after a year of bullshit. Glad to see nothing shady either, was close either way
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