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Best 2020 Television for Next Gen


Nov 21, 2005
3 years later and the long awaited price drop for OLED hasn't arrived. Should I bite or endure another year?
I recently upgraded from a Panasonic plasma to the LG CX. Best money I ever spent on a piece of tech. The investment might seem steep upfront but honestly, for the unbeatable image quality coupled with all the tech the tv is packing, it's actually a great deal.


Jul 19, 2017
Just bought a LG GX 55inch. I had it price matched for $1496 and now I'm hyped for when its delivered and installed. Im getting a LG 5.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar installed alongside with it. So I'm set for next gen.

The TV replacing my 6 year old 1080p 55in Samsung TV. So catching up to 4k, HDR and then OLED is a pretty big jump from what I'm used to.

I keep comparing the CX and GX on Rtings and its just overall interesting seeing the differences in the build and screen.

Question for anyone able to answer:
For a Soundbar I read a review suggesting to use both the optical and HDMI for the best sound. Which doesn't make sense to me because I thought you can only use one to pass sound through?