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Best and Worst Moments of E3 2017.


Membero Americo
E3 2017 has come and gone and so I want to know what your favorite and most hated moment of E3 were.

By most hated, I don't mean cringe, though they can be, but also moments that made you role your eyes or exclaimed "UGH" out loud.

My best moments.

- The creative director of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle being mentioned by Miyamoto, with the camera cutting to him on the verge of tears, encouraged to stand up by Grant Kirkhope, the game's composer, bowing to Miyamoto the seating back down, holding back the tears of joy and pride.

It was probably cry of relief, too. The game had been leaking left and right for a few months before E3, and while some people were intrigued by the idea, a lot of people were already calling this the worst idea ever. And he probably saw those comments, putting a incredible amount of stress on his shoulders. So to see finally at E3 people loving the game after seeing it in action must have been an incredible feeling for him.

- In the same kind of idea, Michel Ancel also being emotional on stage after the reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2, being finally able to talk about it.

- The one-two punch by Nintendo to announce not one, but two Metroid games this year, a franchise a lot of people had declared dead.

- The gameplay reveal of Dragonball FighterZ. The game looks just as good as the concept sounded when it was first announced a week before E3.

As for my most hated moments...

- People clapping at the "announcement" by Phil Spencer that the game revealed during the Microsoft press conference were all available for Pre-Order. Same thing for the "announcement" that all Xbox One accessories were forward compatible with Xbox One X.

- Microsoft revealing a car.

- Bethesda wasting everyone's time by playing a pre-recorded presentation in a room full of people expecting a live press conference. Seriously that might as well just have been a Nintendo Direct-style thing. And they had the balls to move it to Midnight EST. At the very least Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 were good reveals. The Devolver Digital press conference was less of a waste of time.



The guy who messed up when he was talking about Need for Speed...

And Microsoft showing this shiny new car with music on stage. Lol

Reggie standing on a green screen beach. He's great but that looked very lame.

Will post favorite moments later...
The pain of knowing beforehand that Bethesda has Robert Trump on Zenimax's board of directors. The awesome trailer for Wolfenstein The New Colossus was bittersweet, as buying it would mean putting money in the pockets of the president's family. And anything else Bethesda showed that wasn't Wolfenstein.

Sports. Sports everywhere.

The excess of gruff white male protagonists in some of the reveals for the new IPs. YAAAWWWN

Pyra's laughable design and costume in Xenoblade 2. A bust size usually reserved for ecchi anime combined with daisy dukes and the obligatory thighhigh stockings.

Agents of Mayhem impressions. I was hoping that would be a return to form for Volition.

Ubisoft being above average for once. BGE2, Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves' rival, AC Origins looking sweeeeet, and new Just Dance.

Undertale coming to PS4 & Vita and Japanese localization by 8-4(because we need more Japanese fanworks and parodies in our lives).

Everything else Nintendo. Xenoblade 2, New Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4 reveal AND Official Metroid 2 remake, Mario Odyssey, new Kirby WITH CO-OP AND ABILITY COMBOS HOLY SQAOGJKDSL:FA know I wanted a Switch, now I feel obligated to get it soon.

Devolver. Enough said.
Best: Nintendo's Spotlight, and a very solid and varied Treehouse, Michel Ancel set free from creative jail

Worst: EA's 'YouTube creators'

- Metroid LIVES!!!
- Mario Odyssey trailer
- Dragon Ball FighterZ looking like a Goddamned dream


-That fucking tease at the end of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite trailer that made me think that DMC5 was going to be reveled.
-Reggie's monologue
-Pokemon Switch announement
-Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement. Michael Ancel crying made me tear up.
-Mario + Rabbids director crying.
-Metroid Prime 4 announcement.
-The Mario Odyssey trailer.
-Spiderman looking awesome.

-Almost everything from EA's conference, except the BFII gameplay.
-Microsoft unveils a Porsche.
-Upside down actors on stage for ~1 minute during Days Gone footage.
-The trailer (especially the VA) for XB2 (gameplay from Treehouse looks better)
-'Exclusive' and 'Most powerful console EVAH' over-use in Microsoft's conference.

One positive change, for me personally, was more focus on gameplay and less focus on talking heads. Plus no (or much fewer, at least) people standing on stage pretending to play demos.


Devolver's "conference"
Wolfenstein 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcement (hope it sees the light of day)
Battlefront 2
Mario Odyssey

EA confrence
Bethesda conference (yay more skyrim rerereleases)
Jesse choking up during the NFS presentation. He actually put up a video recently explaining what happened:

Basically they gave him a script, he memorized it, they changed it during rehearsal. He asked for a script that'd be on the teleprompter so he could learn the lines, they gave him one and then yet again they changed it when he went to speak live on the air and threw him off what he had memorized and thought he had to say.
God of War Trailer | Anthem reveal | Mario Odyssey

BG+E cgi shit - in fact, the overt use of CGI in 2017 by ubisoft was awful
Fake audience cheering, you know who
Lack of new games (or a zero moment moment)


best: Devolver

worst: Devolver

had a good laugh but i came in expecting some mic drop announcements


Best: Love Nintendo, love Metroid so I guess you could say this E3 was about perfect for me. Just showed a logo? Don't care. Seeing Metroid Prime 4 exists and is being worked on is all I need to know right now. The logo trailer gives me chills.

Then the surprise Samus Returns? Man, Just perfect for me. I would have loved it on Switch, but it looks fantastic and I've got a 3DS I'm going to dust off to run through it.

There were a bunch of other great looking games, like Odyssey (amazing) and a slew of other Nintendo games. Anthem looks amazing, too, and I'm even interested in Assassin's Creed this year. It was all white noise though because I'm fixated on Metroid at the moment!

Worst: Microsoft failed to sell me on Scorpio, which I was all set to buy. Pathetic show for it, I'd say.

Oh, incredibly disappointed that Retro didn't show their game.


Jesse choking up during the NFS presentation. He actually put up a video recently explaining what happened:

Basically they gave him a script, he memorized it, they changed it during rehearsal. He asked for a script that'd be on the teleprompter so he could learn the lines, they gave him one and then yet again they changed it when he went to speak live on the air and threw him off what he had memorized and thought he had to say.

I'd never heard of this guy before but just assumed it was nerves and stage fright. Watched this the other day and it's even worse. Dude had legit reasons to choke during that presentation and good on him for at least recovering in the second half. As someone who also struggles with public speaking I felt so bad for him.


Best - seeing COD go back to World War II.

Worst - realising (aside from resolution) that the visuals haven't progressed much since World @ War.


Best: Seeing Samus Returns was incredible. Prime 4 logo announcement for a game that won't be ready until 2019-2020 is one thing, another new Metroid game that will release in a few months is beyond anything I expected.

Worst: Beyond Good and Evil 2. Every bit of actual news was terrible. What was even the point of that CGI trailer?


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Best: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.

Worst: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.
My worst moment of E3 2017 was a seemingly lack of new original IPs. Scalebound cancelled :( really highlighted to me how many sequels and/or reboots/remakes are in production. Don't get me wrong, many of these said sequels and/or reboots/remakes are pretty cool looking, but I still would've liked to see a new IP or two with original gameplay, story, etc
- Mario Odyssey trailer. The wide open plains with a photorealistic dinosaur, suddenly revealing Mario out of left field was incredible.
- Metroid Prime 4 followed by Samus Returns.
- Shadow of the Colossus remake.
- Dragon Ball FighterZ.
- Treehouse's Yoshi co-op demo.
- The sheer surreality of this year's Just Dance segment.
- Michel Ancel and Rabbids guy crying as their games were revealed.

- EA dedicating 15 minutes to saying how much they listened to demands for a Battlefront campaign, getting Janina Gavankar up on stage, and a video message from John Boyega, only to not actually show the campaign.
- The awkward crowd cutaways during Sony's conference.
- The game trailer at Microsoft's conference suddenly transitioning into a guy yelling eSports commentary.
- Marvel VS Capcom Infinite.


Best: The Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer amazing everyone.
Worst: The Beyond Good & Evil trailer not looking anything like the game I hoped it would be.

Other Bests:
Devolver Digital channeling Andy Kaufman.
Matterfall's unexpected reveal.

Other Worsts:
That youtuber who was a youtuber who made youtube videos on youtube.
Microsoft's nebulous use of the word 'exclusive.'
The reveal of Forza 7's protagonist, Porche.
- Mario Odyssey Trailer
- Creative Director for Mario + Rabbids tearing up
- Also Michel Ancel tearing up
- TWO Metroid
- Dragon Ball Z
- EA's conference actually got me interested in both NSF and Battlefront 2
- Fucking loved Sea of Thieves

- Bethesda all the way
- Devolver's conference felt like an adult swim skit but without the good writing that make these great. I'm pretty sure that was their inspiration too, the post show felt a very lot like Eric Andre... but again without the good. Felt kind of a waste of an E3 slot.
- Xbox One X is a terrible terrible name


Will drop pants for Sony.
BEST: God of War , Spider-man, Shadow of the Colossus remake.

Worst: 499 xbox one x and no destruction gameplay in crackdown 3 trailer.


ctrl+f "intel"

Shame on you gaf, shame on you...

Intel "conference" was a trainwreck by itself, but then on PC Game Show, 'Doug' decides to show up tell us EVERYTHING about e-sports and how much Intel loves e-sports...


Wolfenstein 2
Mario Odyssey
Metroid Prime 4
Shadow of the Colossus
Beyond Good and Evil
Dragonball FighterZ

Marvel vs Capcom
All things Elder Scrolls related
MS conference starting with a car

Solid E3, the "worst" things were not even that bad.


-> Mario X Rabbid in Ubisoft press conference
-> Michel Ancel revealing Beyond Good and Evil 2
-> Nintendo spotlight globally.

-> EA and the Youtuber who doesn't know what he is doing there
-> Car reveal in MS press conference
-> "exclusive", "exclusive", "exclusive" repeated over and over during MS press conference. But they never clearly precise what kind of exclusive it is each time. You have to be focused on the clip for this.

Also, compare to other, i did like the presentation of Bethesda. But I didn't care for anything in their lineup.
And one more worst : The price announcement of the Xbox One X. Quickly dealt with as they know they are targeting too high.


-Mario+Rabbids actually looking like it might be a good game and all of the pride and enthusiasm Ubisoft showed for it. Getting Miyamoto on stage was a brilliant move too. All around great reveal by Ubi despite the leaks. Hell, it being leaked may have made it all the more powerful.
-Metroid Prime 4 reveal
-BGE2 reveal
-Ubi trolling Rare with their own Pirates online multiplayer game

-EA conference shenanigans
-MS turning their conference into a car show
-Phil's sheepish announcement of Xbox One X price
-Anytime streamers or fake streaming was involved in the middle of conferences
-Xenoblade 2 voiceacting
-Anything Skyrim


Best: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.

Worst: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.
Was gonna say this too. The best was when you start to see the screw attack logo there in the stars. The worst was like, 10 seconds later when you realize that the title of the game is likely the only thing you'll see for a long, long time.



-EA's Press Conference
-Metroid Prime 4 logo
-Kirby HD
-Mario Odyssey Theme Song
-Devolver Digital


-EA's Press Conference
-$599 USD
-No BoTW DLC Pack 2 Footage


Best: lot of the nintendo stuff...even the pokemon on switch nod...least it makes it seem like they have been listening.

Worst: Developer was embarrassing. That kind of humor when it misses is awful. This missed.
EA should not have a conference and just show up at the sony or xbox conference.
But Bethesda takes the cake. First it was useless to do live and second bring back Paid Mods with yet another name. Guess the blow back wasn't enough last time.


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Best: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.

Worst: Metroid Prime 4 announcement with no actual footage.

Yeah this is it. This announcement is the equivalent to me as to how people felt when FFVII Remake was announced, there probably won't be another announcement that will effect me like this one. Though the fact that we probably won't see anything for two years and it was just a logo is really fucking sour.


- Wolfenstein being everything we could have hoped for
- Anthem actually impressing everyone even after all the Bioware salt this generation
- Dragonball Fighterz being a literal dream game come to life
- Sony's first party games look amazing
- Kirby and Yoshi both coming to Switch next year!!

- Bethesdaland sounded great on paper but was awkard and jarring in practice
- Bethesda showing trailers for multiple games that are already out
- EA introducing people for the sole purpose of introducing other people who will actually show something. Maybe just go straight to that person?!?
- Microsoft did little to make the Xbox One X seem appealing
- Neogaf's negative reactions to nearly everything. I've never seen this place so negative.

- Mario+Rabbids pleasantly surprising everybody, myself included

- one of the best games of all time getting the remake treatment in Shadow of the Colossus

- Josef Fares showing off his new game and he sounds so passionate about it

- like OP mentioned, Miyamoto celebrating the Mario+Rabbids director

- BG&E2 lives and Ancel cried about it

- Odyssey, Spidey, Dad of War, South Park, and Sea of Thieves continue to look awesome

- AC: Origins is shaping up to be the AC game I've wanted for a long time

- Bioware's attempt at a Destiny game looks solid so far

- DBZ looks outstanding

- Devolver Digital


- E X C L U S I V E

- people clapping over $499

- Ubi finally listening to everyone who wanted a full fledged pirate game... except it's far from what most of us actually wanted

- Sucker Punch and From Software no shows

- Sly Cooper and Devil May Cry seemingly dead :(


"Jump Up, Super Star!", "1-Up Girl", whatever else you call the Super Mario Odyssey song. Perfected the trailer, hyped up Odyssey, and capped off the Nintendo Spotlight spectacularly enough to smooth over the rough bits.

Microsoft showing off an actual car.

Permanently A

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Agreed with all your best moments OP.


A Way Out and the creator being so passionate and a really funny guy

Everyone's reaction to Mario's hat possessing things

Spiderman gameplay demo looked sooooo good

Sea of Thieves looked really fun


Everytime they bring out a fucking car I just can't handle it

-Ubisoft Dev reactions
-Beyond Good And Evil 2
-Metroid Prime 4
-Samus Returns
-That part in the Wolfenstein trailer where the Nazi gets an axe up his butt
-Mario can be a T-Rex Now!!!


-Time Wasted With EA Sports
-... Why Am I More Excited For Skyrim VR Than The Rest Of Sony's Presser
-Ubisoft Devs. Already explained by others
-Nintendo announcements. Metroid's alive and well. Kirby!!!
-Eric Andre presents, Devolver's conference
-Monster Hunter: World. Shaky and doubtful start given the rumours, but the devs have done an upstanding job assuring everyone that it's the next gen Monster Hunter we all wanted
-Shadow of the Colossus HD. Nobobdy really asked for this, but now that it's real, everyone wants it!

-ESPORTS MOMENTS, says the people who make Madden NFL and the footy ball game
-Teleprompter Youtube influencer
-The Xbox One X is so powerful, it can render a real car on stage
-Random cut to shoutcaster awkwardly placed on the side of Overwatch esque game
-"EXCLUSIVE" x100000000
-Annual Just Dance cringe off
-BETHESDALAND, now complete with all the old games we showed off 2 to 6 years ago.
-Sony audio issues
-Days Gone hangings
-Playstation conference poorly edited to show dead pan crowd reactions

Overall, not a particular amazing year, but nothing truly awful either. Disappointingly average from both ends. At least we get some entertainment out of trainwrecks :p
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