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Opinion Spoilers Poll Best Final Fantasy Ending?

Which Final Fantasy Had The Best Ending?

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Feb 2, 2020
7 aerith died...

10 tidus dead...tidus father also dead...

13 two of your teammate are dead..

15 is the darkest of all..your fathers dead..kingdom fall....your girlfriend dead...all your teammates dead...and you eventually dead...

The one with happy ending are 8, 9 and 12...most beautiful ending are 9..
Aerith didn't die at the end of FF7. She died lime 1/3rd of the way through
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Sep 11, 2016
Lightning Returns ending was fantastic, and very special. A lot of people probably skipped this game, but the ending is really something.
The world of the game is coming to an end, and they have to create a new one. And then... you realize that this new world is actually our world, I don't know how to explain it but it really did something for me, the idea that it makes Final Fantasy actually canon with our existence / universe, with real life. I obviously know this isn't actually true, don't get me wrong :messenger_grinning_squinting:, but I just really like the idea of it, I find it more interesting than religions books lol.
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Jun 9, 2017
FFVI would be my number one, with that storybook ending that gives one final scene devoted to each of the characters as they escape Kefka's Tower, their individual strengths coming into handy to help them survive along the way. The Locke and Celes moment completes both their character arcs beautifully, and is a tearjerker. Then after going through presenting every character the storybook ends with "and YOU", gets me every time. Then the game has one final source of tension in Terra's fate, and they made the right choice in the end by having her survive.

FFX is a very close second...I start bawling after Yuna falls when she goes to hug Tidus. Auron's goodbye is awesome, like everything Auron does is. That final high-five between Tidus and Jecht is the cherry on top, Tidus's character arc complete. I think this would be my #1 if it ended at the high-five, even though I like Yuna's speech it's emotionally unsatisfying compared to what came before, and should have been saved for the beginning of X-2.

FFIX is third, very different in execution to the point it's more an epilogue than an ending, but perfectly bittersweet between learning of Vivi's fate but also getting Zidane and Garnet reuniting.


Feb 2, 2009
3-way tie for me.

VIII is probably the best all-round.

X is very emotionally satisfying if a bit (undercut by the existence of X-2)

And my left-field pick is XI, which actually has several storyline endings but I'm thinking specifically about the end of the 2nd expansion, Chains Of Promathia which closes with a lovely montage and one of Uematsu's finest pieces "Distant Worlds". If you haven't played the game, and specifically didn't play the expansion back in 2004-2005 when it was still unforgiving as hell, you'd be forgiven for maybe shrugging this off.
But I assure you, if you did, the way it closes on the ruins of Tavnazia, the city you see fall in the games opening cut-scene, it means more than words can say.

Ironically several of the later expansions have more visually impressive endings, -albeit in a low tech way!- most notably Rhapsodies epic lore-uniting intended "final" ending, but CoP is still the one.