Best gaming company logos

What are the best logos in gaming? It could be the logo that you're most excited to see when turning on your console, or it's the one you think is the most aesthetically appealing.

Please only post logos for developers or publishers, though. No game or console specific logos though, has to be a company name.

I'll start:

The first logo emblazoned onto my mind. I was drawn to this TV repair store because this logo appeared on their awning.

Cute as hell and a solid old school company to boot. And to think, they were a first party publisher once upon a time.

It's pink and it usually meant you're about to play an awesome shooter.

So what are yours?


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
will forever be my favorite logo for various reasons.



I loved Sony's old Imagesoft logo, but it wasn't really an indicator of quality.

Still looked really cool.

Also... Game Creative Staff.

I need to find an image of Atlus' old R&D 1 logo.
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