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Best Mortal Kombat character of all times


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The thread title should be "2nd best MK character", because we all know Scorpion wins! Fatality!


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1. Reptile
2. Scorpion
3. Liu Kang
4. Noob Saibot
5. Sub-Zero
6. Raiden
7. Rain
8. Kabal
9. Giro
10. Meat


advanced basic bitch
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Lord Raiden has been plagued by visions as of late that warn of a new threat to Earthrealm, yet the Elder Gods have gone silent to his prayers. Using his mighty powers, the Thunder God reaches out to the holy men and women across the world for both counsel on the matter and spiritual guidance.

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whatever here's my 10

1. Sub-Zero
2. Sektor
3. Shao Khan
4. Mileena
5. Erron Black
6.Johnny Cage
7 .Kabal
9. Kollector
10. Kitana
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