Best sidekicks in gaming

Playing Ni no Kuni has reminded me of how great it feels to have an interesting, charismatic foil to the main character in a game - someone to bring out the best aspects of the main character while still being a great character in their own right. Mr. Drippy's casual worldliness, excellent dub/localization, and unusual appearance leave me eagerly awaiting the next voiced cutscene where I can hear his Welsh brogue. No one else I'd rather have at my side than this weird guy.

It's so easy for this type of character (the talkative guide) to be annoying as hell, but they really hit it out of the ballpark with him. Can already tell he's going to be my favorite character of the year.
You know what? Inanimate objects make for very good characters and excellent sidekicks.

Two examples would be Grimoire Weiss (Book) from Nier and Blade of Ahrah (Sword) from Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Dusk Golem

A 21st Century Rockefeller
Some good ones named. Let's see...


P.F. (Personal Frame) from Fragile Dreams! It was a backpack that had built-in AI, and had a lot of charm.

Johnson from Shadows of the Damned! He was your guns, motorcycle, and friend who you go through hell with. A great character and worked great with Garcia for a lovable comedy duo.

And while not a singular sidekick...

Agents Yorks fellow policemen, Emily, Thomas, and George (not pictured here) were great sidekicks in Deadly Premonition.

EDIT: Damn! Beaten on Garcia and Johnson!