Best tag on GAF?

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I Was There! Official L Receiver 2/12/2016
I once had a tag like "5 more new threads until I get banned." Then it happened...

I proceeded to get temporarily juniored for quite a while. Was embarrassing.
Who was the guy who had something like "3 more bad threads until I'm banned!" and it would count down with every thread? That was hilarious...

EDIT: nvm, seeing that it's MThanded a few posts above me.
I always thought the "hail to the chef" one was pretty clever.

I often ponder whether the ones you can click to see the circumstances of the tag are better than the bizarre ones you're left to imagine on your own.

Also, I remember in the same batch of juniors as myself was one guy who had three musical notes as his name. Not seen him since, but there was another poster called threenote who has a tag of the three note symbols. I always thought that some mod had to change his name for technical reasons and gave him the tag to make up for it, which would have been cool.
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