Best Title Screens of All Time (Of all time!!)


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I know it's already been mentioned, but Final Fantasy III (six, but it was 3 when I was a kid so that's when it made the impact on me) intro is amazing. Dat music and lightning flashes. So ominous.


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Anecdotal evidence and all but I have a couple friends, not related to each other, that have mentioned having goosebumps while watching the Metroid Prime intro.

Not sure if it is because the intro is that good or because people relate it to the awesome game it belongs to.
Most of the best ones have been mentioned already. I wish I hadn't seen Xenoblade's cuz that would have been a great surprise for when I actually play the game for the first time.

Haven't seen anybody mention Skyrim, though. I like how simple it is and the music is awesome of course:

Hard to jog my memory to think of them all, but I'll always have a soft spot for Super Mario World's title screen. The music and visuals were both so memorable.
Hard to jog my memory to think of them all, but I'll always have a soft spot for Super Mario World's title screen. The music and visuals were both so memorable.
It's pretty great when after seeing the title screen countless times you actually unlock the level that's playing in the background.
Just about any Zelda comes to mind, especially OoT and TP. I was so damn disappointed when Skyward Sword just had the logo and the sound of wind, my biggest problem with the game, lol.
All 3 metroid prime games have incredible music, Corruption's title theme is fucking fantastic.
Batman AC was great as well.


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I'd like to give a little mention of Face Raiders. It's quite hypnotising watching all the little face bounce about on the screen. Also one of the few games where the title screen is an unlockable.
Yeah, that one is great too. I think the reason I love OoT's though is because it's so damn classy. It doesn't need pomp or intricate design or anything but link riding across hyrule field to a soothing, low key tune. The title screen sums up perfectly why I still love OoT so much. It's all about riding off into an adventure that's bigger than it seems.
Not just any soothing, low key tune. The first time I loaded up OoT, it gave me chills, because I grew up playing this:
Secret of Evermore: Really liked the atmosphere and music of the title menu theme beginning with the Squaresoft-logo as a kid. It was somehow a little spooky too. Still one of my favorite games.

Hitman 2: Nothing special, but the orchestral music by Jesper Kyd in the title menu was perfect for setting up the mood for playing this game.

These surely aren't the greatest of all time, but the first that came to my mind.
The one from OoT is probably the most legendary for me.
Man, what a classic. Was I the only one who thought this game was actually a bit frightening as a kid? Those damn chainsaw men and the huge baby...
Hell yea. Or how you'd hear a werewolf howl as you start a level, letting you know what you're in for. Or the little toys in the mall sections throwing knives at you.

I still love this game. The music and humor are just top-notch.