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Best wireless gaming headset for PC/PS5?

Currently looking around for a wireless headset and was wondering what the good options were?
I currently have wired hyperx cloud 2's and they sound pretty good to me and I love the design/comfort of them.

My perfect pair would be something that's either from steelseries or razer (already own steelseries and razer stuff so wouldn't have to install any new software on pc), has something like chatmix, detachable mic, can be used wired if necessary, work on both pc and ps5, and most importantly sounds good when gaming and listening to regular stuff like videos or music. As for budget, I'd wanna go up to like £150-£200 max.

Anything out there that ticks most of those boxes? I know the steelseries arctis headsets are popular but the design with that weird headstrap thing has always seemed like it'd be uncomfortable to me.

Also in general how is latency with wireless gaming headsets these days? I like to play rhythm games so I might decide against getting against a wireless headset if there's enough latency to where it would mess me up.
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