Best Zelda and Mario Commercials & Trailers (1986 - 2021)


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In celebration of Zelda's 35th anniversary we thought now would be a good time to look back at some of the best trailers and commercials from Zelda's history.

Zelda is officially 35 years old, dating back to the original Legend of Zelda’s launch on February 21, 1986. When a series has been around for that long there’s bound to be different advertising styles. From rap commercials in the 80’s to found footage ripoffs in the 2000’s there are a lot of approaches the Zelda series took when advertising over the decades.

In this video we’ve selected the best of them all, and at least 1 from each mainline game. This includes trailers and commercials, and those aren’t limited to just US or Japan. Some are comedic, some are epic, and some are just downright memorable.

In terms of what Nintendo is doing for the 35th anniversary of Zelda, it recently revealed that Skyward Sword HD will be making its way to the Switch 10 years after its original Wii release. It also revealed that more information about Breath of the Wild’s sequel will be revealed later this year.

00:13 - The Legend of Zelda
01:13 - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
01:43 - A Link to the Past
02:53 - Link's Awakening
03:54 - Ocarina of Time
05:29 - Majora's Mask
07:47 - Oracle of Seasons/Ages
08:17 - Four Swords
08:47 - The Wind Waker
09:47 - Four Swords Adventures
10:17 - The Minish Cap
10:47 - Twilight Princess
11:45 - Phantom Hourglass
12:00 - Spirit Tracks
12:57 - Skyward Sword
14:13 - A Link Between Worlds
14:44 - Tri Force Heroes
15:24 - Breath of the Wild
19:09 - Breath of the Wild Sequel

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Kev Kev

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god that botw trailer was so hype. i had to force myself to not watch it too much, as i wanted to go into the game as blind as possible. so glad i did. exploring and figuring out everything without knowing a thing about the game was such an fun and rewarding experience.

edit: the robin williams bit talking about the 3ds zelda was nice. his voice can always bring a smile to my ugly mug
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Ah, the good old days. "The Nintendo Entertainment System. Your parents help you hook it up."

Why don't we get a modern, "The Sony PlayStation 5. Your parents help you hook it up!"?

Or better, "The Nintendo Wii. Please help your parents hook it up."
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Link to the Past Rap is pretty cool. Nice production values for the time.
Ocarina of Time and its commercial are still epic after all this time.
Majora's Mask ad is weird and unnerving.
Twilight Princess trailer was enormous hype
Breath of the Wild trailer is legit one of the best trailers ever made for anything
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Old Retro

I remember those first 3 commercials like it was yesterday. 🥲 Also remember it took me a week of playing the first one day and night in 87 before I got to Gannon.


When I was a kid that original commercial with the ZELDA! guy turned me off the game so bad. I had no clue what the game was so I never bothered to 'want it for Christmas' which was how we got our games as kids. I found out eventually playing it at a friends, but with Mario or Turtles I knew what I was getting. Nintendo ads were so terrible back then.
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