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Bethesda.Net migration to STEAM will begin on April 27



As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, we’re saying goodbye to the Bethesda Launcher this year, and transitioning our PC Bethesda.net community over to Steam. Today, we’re sharing additional details and dates for the account migration process, so that you can prepare to jump over to Steam as soon as we open up migration to all Bethesda Launcher players on April 27.

migrate me to Steam if old
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i think the only game i used my bethesda account for was Doom Eternal which i bought through steam. i take it there is nothing for me to do? i don't ever want to play that game again anyway :) but i want to be prepared for Starfield.
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Breaking: Steam to get drastically more buggy on April 27th.

Vain hope as it may be, I want to see them get rid of those grotty bethesda.net loading spinners from Doom 64, Quake, etc. It chafes my taint to see Bethesda's not-so-fine name plastered over all-time classics they barely had a hand in.
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One launcher less, 20 more to go!

Be careful boy, if not I will make one for my games

Season 3 Reaction GIF by The Simpsons

Joking as expected


They've also teased Arena and Daggerfall on Steam.
With the sunsetting of the Bethesda.net Launcher, we will be making several of our titles available on Steam that were previously unavailable. This includes The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall,
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