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Bethesda: "Please Stand By" (aka obvious Fallout teaser) [maybe not crossgen]

Which platform will you play Fallout 4 on?

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get rdy to get rekt ppl


edit: also this teaser site with seemingly nothing on it yet http://fallout.bethsoft.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=PleaseStandBy

I think it might be crossgen

Went through the CSS and it also mentions PS4, Xbox One and Steam which to me means that this is definitely not an old CSS; and yeah, it has 460 and PS3 in it as well.

// Mod Edit:

The cross-gen listing would match the list on the E3 showfloor.

Note how the free 2 play game (Battlecry) and the action game (Doom) are only listed for PC/XB1/PS4 (and seemingly a mobile tie-in for Doom), but the RPG (Fallout 4) is listed as cross-gen.


Action > Android
Action > Apple iOS
Action > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Action > PC/Windows
Action > Publication/Media
Action > Sony Playstation
Action > Sony Playstation 4
Action > Xbox
Action > Xbox One
Free-to-play > Android
Free-to-play > Apple iOS
Free-to-play > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Free-to-play > PC/Windows
Free-to-play > Sony Playstation
Free-to-play > Sony Playstation 4
Free-to-play > Xbox
Free-to-play > Xbox One
Publication > Android
Publication > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Publication > PC/Windows
Publication > Sony Playstation
Publication > Sony Playstation 3
Publication > Sony Playstation 4
Publication > Xbox
Publication > Xbox 360
Publication > Xbox One
Role-Playing > PC/Windows
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation 3
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation 4
Role-Playing > Xbox
Role-Playing > Xbox 360
Role-Playing > Xbox One

// Mod Edit 2:

Someone on Reddit found this; code for pre-order stuff for PC, PS4 and X1. Nothing for last gen systems.



Im going to be so depressed when the release date is Christmas 2016 :(

I would rather not see an announcement until the wait is Less than 6 months
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