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Bethesda: "Please Stand By" (aka obvious Fallout teaser) [maybe not crossgen]

Which platform will you play Fallout 4 on?

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Report me for trolling ND/TLoU2 threads


The story will suck, so just give me a fun environment to explore and I'm in. Enjoyed F3 for what it was, which was a fun sandbox with RPG elements.
It better damn wait and release in 2016 because it's already going to be tough to balance MGSV and Persona 5 this year (assuming P5 makes it in the end of course).


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These two images can be found on the site, but I cannot see them being used currently:


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Arriving home after a long tiresome day and start a game like Fallout has always been a pleasant experience. It's such a good time sink with an addicting atmosphere, it's the perfect game to do just one tiny quest and get some rest or spend a nice cold night in the winter all comfy while playing.

This is why I have such fond nostalgia regarding some games. Nothing beats playing something while letting yourself get immersed by the world, exploring, discovering new locations and help those in need while doing quests. I can only hope that Fallout 4 let me experience such feelings once again. It's great to be around my loved ones, going to the beach in the summer and so on but when you just want some relaxing time after a long day, a game like Fallout is such a good fit. I can't wait for E3 and I can't to see the reaction of my good GAFfers while having a good and nice discussion in here. :)

Same here.

There were many nights with milk and cookies playing FO3. :)


But with who? Fallout exclusive deals/bundles will be a mega big deal. Flatout exclusivity would send forums into a nuclear meltdown. I hope we dont see exclusive missions and crap like that

GameStop is the first I can think of. They gave ESO exclusive CE to them.


I think it might be crossgen

Went through the CSS and it also mentions PS4, Xbox One and Steam which to me means that this is definitely not an old CSS; and yeah, it has 460 and PS3 in it as well.
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