Bethesda Removes Starfield And Redfall Mentions From Gamescom Blog Post

Unlike the other user, you seem to have "missed" the fact that I was clearly being ironic in that last post.

The old post you quoted is about Skyrim not Starfield. Yes I hate pretty much every game Bethesda released since Morrowind, I was always pretty clear about that. You obviously knew that when you asked me your question.

I didn't rule Starfield out and will likely still play it despite the fact that it looked rough if it ends up being good. I really doubt anyone actually thought what they showed looked good in any way (no wonder it got delayed). I have no problem admitting when a MS game looks good, it's not my fault that it doesn't happen very often.

Well there it is, finally something we both agree on.

You clearly don’t understand what “ironic” means. Not only can you not debate/discuss like an adult, you can’t even understand basic english XD
The only thing I want to know from Starfield is more about character creation options, and skills.

I have a desperate need to know what the 'Long Hauler' background entails so I can see if roleplaying as a greasy space trucker is viable.

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I've seen enough of Starfield as it is. I know how it looks and what it's about. I'm going dark now.

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I would very much like the ignore function to apply to reactions. Let them scream into the void.
Couldn’t agree more with this.

Seems a really easy way for trolls like Ezekiel to keep doing things to get under peoples skin.

At any rate, why do we even want users like that who don’t participate, put everyone on ignore so no one can interact with them or report them and only give reactions to troll?
There’s really no reason for Starfield to be at this show. The game is 6-9 months out. Show us another trailer at Game Awards, and do a big media blowout in the Spring ahead of a May-June release. That’s all that’s needed.


Only thing that annoys me to death about this game is that the xp points is right at the crosshair.

I mean who the hell thought that was a great Idea?


Hell, it actually reminds me of the Oblivion delay, and that game turned out amazing.


How about the real review from a proper RPG site ?



Who do believe? 30k+ gamers on Steam (overwhelmingly positive), 90 video game reviewers ("critics") or random geek website on the internet? Hmmmmmm... :messenger_grinning_sweat:
The codex obviously since I'm an actual RPG fan and not some popamoler who just wants to jump in the game, follow the idiot compass, press a few awesome action buttons and call it a day.

Dumb question

And I don't have to 'believe' anybody, as I played it and know it's shit and one of the biggest disappointments ever in gaming. (aside from the dark brotherhood questline which was actually decent)
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How about the real review from a proper RPG site ?

I agree that dumbing the game down, along some other shitty design decisions like the enemy level scaling, really hurted the game.

But even then it's not a bad game by any means. You still have some (not many) role playing mechanics, and exploring the world while doing sidequest or joining a faction can be quite fun.

Yeah, the main story sucks, and it's more of an ArPG rather than an RPG. But it's still a fun game, imo.
Agreed, why don’t they do it? Surely it’s not that hard and would extend the life of the game. I’m waiting to play it, and spend money on it, till they do it.
Probably just Bethesda being Bethesda. They're one of the worst companies when it comes to post launch updates and fixes (unless it's updating their storefront). One of the reasons I'm worried about Starfield o my Series X. PC guys will be in the clear but next gen console is in trouble. Already I've been hearing they're targeting 30 fps ...I don't know if thats official but seen a few people here say that.

Some companies just really suck from a gamer/consumer pov. Rockstar is another one- no Rdr2 patch is insane considering that was a live service as well. These companies know how badly people want this, it wouldn't cost them all that much yet they still don't give a shit.


Already I've been hearing they're targeting 30 fps
Resolution: Up to 8K
FPS: Whatever

Xbox Series X
Resolution: Dynamic 4K / 1080p
FPS: Target 30fps / Target 60fps

Xbox Series S
Resolution: Dynamic 1080p
FPS: Target 60fps

Resolution: 4K
FPS: Target 60fps

(version cancelled)
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