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Better Call Saul - Season 6 | The Final Season

What a way to end not only the series, but the whole BB/BCS universe. Lots of nice callbacks to the previous seasons, such as the scene where Jimmy and Kim sharing a cig. Oh, and the cameos too.

That being said, I think that a lot of people won't get the point of the ending. Throughout this life, Jimmy has been running, not only his trouble with the law but his feelings about Chuck or guilt regarding Howard's death, all the while using scams to cover his mistakes. The Saul Goodman persona is one big coping mechanism for losing the woman he loves. When shit blew up during BB, he ran away to become Gene. Chuck had always believed that he would never change, and he was right as Gene would go back to slippin' Jimmy and eventually the more sinister Saul Goodman ways. Despite all the shitty things he has done as Saul, he has no regrets, until he heard Kim had confessed everything about Howard. He had no idea how broken Kim had become, to the point that she was willingly open herself up to get sued by Cheryl and lose everything. He finally realize if he had kept going down the Saul path, he would continue to hurt people he loves. This is why he finally confessed for real at the end and leave his Saul Goodman persona behind once and for all. If he had taken the 7 year plea deal that he had manipulated, he would just be running again and down towards the dark path that is Saul Goodman.


Spoilers below, go watch the damn episode before coming here.

He didn't do it in order to save Kim from the lawsuit. The whole ruse was to get Kim in the courtroom so she could hear his confession. He was finally accountable and won her respect.

Near the very end in the prison yard, was there some symbolism in the shot with the vertical dividing line between Jimmy and Kim? Like she never lost her conscience or crossed the line the way Jimmy did?
Maybe YOU should watch the damn episode before replying to me.

I quoted Chuck from another episode where he told Jimmy that he hurt people around him, and this includes Kim Wexler. She wouldn't be in that position if it wasn't for him (even though she could take some of the blame for her own actions).

Did you actually see the look on Jimmy's face when he first heard that Kim spoke to the DA? You know that was the turning point, right? Were you even watching the scene on the plane with his lawyer? Did you see he was visibly disappointed when he found out what COULD happen to Kim?

He clearly did NOT want to see Kim face any more trouble and this is one of the reasons why he decided to take accountability for his actions.

This in turn brought back to the Kim Wexler we once knew. This was not the same broken woman we saw in episode 12. It's not the same woman we saw in the flashback talking to Jesse about what she thought about Saul Goodman.

So yes, I watched it. Maybe you should do a better job paying attention and not making ridiculous assumptions about my post.
I don't think E E-Cat 's "go watch the damn episode before coming here" was directed at anyone, it was just a way of saying "let's stop marking spoilers, surely no one would visit this thread if they haven't watched it yet."
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