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Beyond Good & Evil 2 in-engine E3 game video

In exclusivity:

I think you need to be part of the Space monkey program to have access to the video. Just subscribe. It's free.


We want you, the Space Monkey community, to be among the first to see the game in its earliest development phases. So here's a very special delivery from the BGE2 dev team: Michel playing & commenting our first in-engine demo shown behind closed doors at E3 2017. It's a work in progress (not super polished – so bear with us), but please have a look and give us your first impressions on bgegame.com or in the forums.

Edit : here you go youtube link (Thanks chugen) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8IguhQqhAg


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The scale.

When he zoomed out and you could see the small planet. 0_o


I expect the scope of this game to get reduced dramatically between what they're showing now and what goes to print.

But this is neat. A little bit more No man's sky than I thought it would be, but...neat.


But GAF said the game hasn't started development yet.

Still early as hell and years away though. Looks like a solid foundation.
Based on certain reliable posters, the game is most likely targeting 2020+, so it's possible it might not even be on PS4/XB1, hence the platform cageyness.
So it could be on the PS5/XB2? I'd be fine with that, tbh. There are more than enough games between the PS4 and Switch to keep me busy in the mean time while I wait :p


That was a cool tech demo. Reminded me of Star Citizen. BG&E2 looks to be two years or more away from being complete. I hope the insider looks/kickstarteresc campaign doesn't bite them in the butt.


Hard to view this with anything but skepticism after the No Man's Sky fiasco.

The failure of No man's Sky wasn't that there were planets, but that the game did not sustain itself over the course of the tens of planets that you ended up visiting. The game around it was lacking.

It didn't help that they promised thousands of planets but didn't effectively have enough variety to support it.

They were a small team so producing a lot of content was out of the question.


So this basically no Mans Sky with a proper budget, tech and team behind it?
Impressive if they'll pull it off, but i guess it will take many years to.

Also, the part about user created character doesn't mean a bigger emphasis on online play rather than story-driven narrative.


Using an Xbox Controller but obviously running on a PC

Also he has the case for the Xbox version of Beyond Good and Evil 1 sitting in the corner.

Xbox confirmed?
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