Bieber: hopefully Anne Frank would have been a belieber

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Before his show somewhere else in the Netherlands mister Bieber visited the Anne Frank house. Apparently he wrote in the guest book "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."


Dutch article:

Justin Bieber bezocht Anne Frank huis
“Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” Deze tekst schreef de Canadese tieneridool Justin Bieber in het gastenboek van het Anne Frank Huis, zo meldt het museum zaterdag op zijn Facebooksite.

Bieber bezocht vrijdagavond het pand aan de Prinsengracht tijdens zijn bezoek aan Nederland. Op Twitter verschenen al tientallen foto’s van de zanger die in bijzijn van een leger bodyguards het huis bekeek waar de joodse familie Frank tijdens de oorlog drie jaar onderdook. Bieber werd verder vrijdag gesignaleerd bij onder anderen het Van Gogh Museum en het Conservatorium Hotel.

De populaire zanger gaf zaterdagavond een concert in het Gelredome in Arnhem. Veel fans raakten flink ontstemd toen de zanger ruim vijf kwartier te laat begon. Dit leidde bovendien tot een verkeerschaos rond het stadion van alle ouders die met auto’s op hun kinderen stonden te wachten. Bieber ligt de laatste tijd veel onder vuur omdat hij zijn fans bij concerten urenlang in de kou laat wachten.


Horse Detective

Why the long case?
I had this theory that he would develop into this intellectual outside of his music thing, and everyone would eventually appreciate him.

I have been wrong so far. All I ever hear of this guy any more is stupid shit. I feel bad for him.
I think I understand why he wrote it, I mean here room was full of pictures of movie stars, artwork etc. like any other girls room trough ages. And he is a big star for girls now so..

It would've shown better taste if he wrote something in support of here, not something about himself. That's sure.


May I have a cookie?
I have a sister 13 years younger than me who loves this guy...

I keep trying to remember myself as a young kid in order to convince myself I had similarly bad taste in music and grew out of it.

but I really didn't.
I wish people would leave the kid alone, to be honest - I'm talking more about his handlers than audiences, who will only buy what's put in front of them. There's a reason that super-famous youngsters end up burnt-out and used-up while still operating from a decidedly infantile mental state. Drew Barrymore is a rare exception as an addled-kid who actually managed to claw her way out of the abyss.

The cracked husk of Britney Spears is barely trusted to have access to her own money, but she's still shoved in front of a microphone and wheeled out to perform because she can still make people a lot of money. When she's too droopy to do that, they'll stop chewing and spit her out.
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