Big Brother 19 |OT| Fake Apples, Real Snakes

Quite a lot of that BB15 drama night happened during the time when After Dark was airing too so even people who aren't paying to watch the live feeds got to see a show that night.
I'm starting to think that Paul is just going to have some sort of interaction with the HGs for the premiere and not actually play. They wouldn't just spring a F2 player into a house of newbies.


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Watching Big Brother UK right now waiting for this. Can't come soon enough... the UK format is odd to say the least, and holy hell the people on that show are the worst examples of humans anywhere on reality TV.
The UK format has been on for so long that normal people that apply are no longer picked. Instead you get Z-list celebrity wannabe's and social media "stars" who all have fake tan and plastic surgery or are ridiculously extrovert etc. They pick people who aren't regular/normal people and make sure each night they get loads of booze so they kick off and have big arguments all the time. If you can't stand the people they chose that year then it's not going to be a great time watching.

It never was a game show in the way BB USA is, it's always been more of a reality tv drama type popularity contest. You live in the house, do weekly tasks where the whole house has to work together to get luxury food instead of basic rations (kinda like slop pass).

Nominations are done by the whole house and they put up the ones with the most votes for eviction. The public then phones in or votes online to evict the person they like the least (sometimes to save the person they like the most). Talking with other housemates about your nominations is not allowed and will result in a punishment or automatic nomination. Housemates can't really work together or form alliances.

No head of house, or POV, etc. Basically the big difference is if you are not liked by the public on the outside then you won't win, no matter how well you play the game inside the house. The power of the housemates is limited, and ultimately the public are the ones in charge.

I prefer that in BB USA it's an actual game and people strategise and treat it as such. Plus the competitions for HoH and POV are kinda cool, and I like how the power shifts around the house from week to week, whereas in the UK BB groups form into cliques and there's not much that housemates can do to break that up. It's almost like it's got elements of Survivor in it with the immunity and being good at games can take you a long way through the show. Making and breaking alliances and backdoors are some of the best parts and the UK one misses out on all that.

However, BB UK is more like a reality soap with lots more drama and tension. They don't get the luxury that do in BB USA. The house has nothing in it - no pool table or gym equipment or chess or whatever. It has a kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounge, garden and hot tub. The house is a lot smaller, and there is no room to escape from your other housemates. BB UK deliberately alters the amount of food, or hot water, and other basic amenities to deliberately stress out the housemates and cause conflict. If housemates sleep during the day they play a massive alarm throughout the entire house. Lights come on at a certain time in the morning and housemates have to get out of bed. The great thing about BB UK is a player can get really far in the game thinking they're going to win it because they're well liked in the house among their friends, but then get evicted to massive boos (have a large outdoor crowd that they have to walk through to get to the studio) because the public watching hate them.
Yeah I was rewatching BB14 on my xbox last night. Navigation is not great but that's their service in general not just on consoles.

Also found out that BB14 makes no sense without the feeds.
Whenever I think of BB14, all I can think about is how much of a disappoint Wil was. He seemed like a lot of fun pre-entry, he was kind of fun at the start, and he's a lot of fun now that he's out of the house - but during the game he was a total drag. All he did was sulk and talk behind Janelle's back. So rude.

There are some HOH rumours swirling around on Twitter courtesy of Nick Uhas, (the guy that GinaMarie was in love with) who was in the audience for the taping. Not going to bother even posting them here though, because I can't find the exact source. Plus, I don't want the rumour to be true, so I'm not pushing it any further out into the universe.
Hopefully he just got a new phone or something. That chest tattoo is so ugly, and his DRs are annoying.

BB18 has like, the most forgettable cast. If they're going to bring someone back, don't be someone from that season.
Paul is a bad player with a bad social game who couldn't beat lameass Nicole. He's a fake, annoying waste of a spot and I'll tune in after he's out if this is true.
Paul is a bad player with a bad social game who couldn't beat lameass Nicole. He's a fake, annoying waste of a spot and I'll tune in after he's out if this is true.
That whole thing encapsulated my general Big Brother experience. Season starts with a loudmouth who I can't stand, and I wait week after week for him to get evicted. He lasts so long that he becomes a contender along with a lazy whiner who made no moves. Then I start cheering for the loudmouth because anything is better than a floater winning. And the waste of space ends up winning over the loudmouth who actually played a little because, I don't know, BB players are idiots I guess.
I didn't really mind Paul until, y'know, he decided it was more important to bring who he thought "deserved" to be in the Final 2 over who he thought he could easily beat. Someone who threw away the $500k like that doesn't deserve to ever come back or be acknowledged again.

That still gets me mad. I can't believe ****** won. Oh my god.
One of my friends pointed out that Cameron appears to have more of a shadow in his BY pics than the rest of them, which would suggest he either went last or after everyone else. He better not have gotten Jodi'd or something, I s2g I'll boycott the season. Well actually, I'll keep watching to support Jason - but I'll be bitter the entire time.

Isn't that the classic placement of the Have Not room?
That's what I was thinking, but I couldn't be certain. I'm not good with house layouts, even after all these years.
Yeah that's the door to where the HN room usually is. In the house tour they showed a red showmance themed bedroom but they didn't show how Julie got there. They always change the house slightly between press day and move-in day anyway.

>Cam gets Jodi/Glenn'd
>CBS sent press pics to Nick BB15 who was at the premiere taping.
>OTT2 is a pre-jury average white guy redemption season confirmed

Interview with production, some light spoilers for the current house dynamics:
Glad to hear the favorable initial buzz about this season's cast.
Will catch tonight's episode in a few hours.
In the meantime I'll watch Dan Gheesling stream Star Citizen on Twitch.
Okay I kind of like that they have to hide that they took the temptation from the other HGs. They sort of tried it with Roadkill but Roadkill was dumb. If that's their line of thinking with the gameplay though, I'm interested.
Well it wouldn't be a BB premiere for me without shitty weather hundreds of miles away causing CBS in Chicago to interrupt the show.

Motherfucker this is like four years in a row.
Dalton Ross, of all people, picking up on something in the editing -

Christmas & Jillian look very different in their Diary Room interviews. Does this mean they were done next day & Cameron is a goner?