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Community Big Tech and Privacy


Mar 22, 2012
Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any kind of input in this.

I'll finally ditch my Android phone and with it I plan to ditch Google too, first thing that came to my mind was outlook.com since I already have an Office 365 subscription with 1TB for OneDrive.

How is Microsoft in terms of overall privacy? I mean compared to Google and Apple.

Also, EviLore EviLore , in broader terms, do you think NeoGAF should offer an option to browse without any tracking from social media like Twitter? I don't know the effects of this for business nor how this works in terms of technology, but it's just an ideia. I also know we can disable some of this tracking in our end in certain browsers. However, since we criticize Twitter so much for their censorship, shouldn't we "cut ties" with them?


Sep 18, 2014
I would assume that they're similar in terms of privacy, tracking, etc. I haven't dug deep into their policies to read through everything.
For people into privacy. I would suggest using ProtonMail. Searching with DuckDuckGo. Using a VPN. This will help a bit. There are options out there for almost everything to be self-hosted. I know a lot of people will not bother with it because it's too much work, but you can self-host almost anything, from email to messaging, storage, etc.
There is also a phone in development that will let you run Android, Lineage OS or Ubuntu. This will allow you to pick and choose your OS, settings, privacy options, etc. The Pro 1 X
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Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
I use DuckDuckGo and my ISP email these days. I've got a Google Home device in every room of the house though. Truthfully, not entirely sure what I have to hide. I'm a law abiding citizen. At my worst I enjoy JOI feet vids and buy too many video games. Sue me.
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