Bioshock Infinite Final Box Art

I like that the other main character integral to the idea of the game isn't anywhere to be seen. Why am I so sure somebody looked at some numbers and decided that putting a girl on the cover would hurt sales?

Gross. I also like that there's some fire in there to complete the blue and orange contrast.
PS3 version for me, will try out Move and the original BioShock being added is cool. Oh, and the cover has Nathan Drake on it, 11 bajillion copies to be sold confirmed.
Things this cover expresses:

-You're a dude
-Oh there's an airship in the corner I guess maybe it's this Steampunk thing I've heard so much about????? Or it is Super Mario Bros. 3 I liked that game
-This looks GNARLY

Things this cover does not express:

-Tonic powers
-Weird time ruptures
-Story involving two characters
-Anything about nature of other character
-Weird spooky enemy design

So basically nothing about Bioshock. A++